Monday, January 27, 2014

Kelli's Baby Shower - Part 2

Saturday I posted all of the details pics, and today I am back with the pictures of the actual event. We had a good little crowd of about 30 people. Once everyone arrived we ate brunch and caught up with everyone.

Then we decided to open gifts. While opening gifts, we played baby bingo and crossed gifts off of the bingo board when Kelli opened the right gift on the card. Kelli got a ton of great stuff for Baby G. I think she is pretty much set for her arrival!

7 Weeks to go till Baby Georgia arrives!Woohoo! We can't wait!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kelli's Baby Shower - The Details

Today we celebrated Kelli and baby Georgia who will be here in no time! Her nursery is decorated in golds, pinks, and mint, so we used that as our inspiration for the shower. Everything turned out great! All my little crafts and cameo cutting projects paid off and made it look that much better.

We did a Bubbly bar for drinks with a variety of different mixers and fruit to put in your glass. The gold ball stirrers looked real nice, but definitely weren't practical and were thrown away very quickly once people grabbed their glass. Everyone enjoyed the bar seeing as how we needed Pops to come down and bring us more champagne towards the end of the party.

 The food was brunch themed so we did all types of breakfast items and milk & juice. The milk jugs were cute but not many people were interested in them. Leslie made some delicious cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches that were a big hit!

The dessert table was inspired from a pinterest picture (and actually the whole shower) and it turned out even better than the original picture. Everything came together so nicely. Besides how nice it looked, I think it was the best cake I have ever tasted in my life! 

Here are a few other miscellaneous detail pics. Some of the entryway where I crafted the gold Georgia sign, made baby bingo cards, and gave away nail polish as party favors. I also made the sign in the frame and the gold mason jars holding the flowers.

The party was a success! Of course it would have never been possible without several people helping along the way. Allie did a great job with the dessert table and helping set up. And of course I couldn't have done it without all my moms help in the home stretch! As I walked into the room today, I told my Mom how lucky I am to have such an awesome family to help and always be there. It was great having my mom, cousin, and "cousin-in-law" there to help with every single thing! I love you guys so much and am so grateful to have the best family EVER! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Update

We had a very relaxing weekend. I am happy to say I have been following through with my New Year's Resolutions so far! Saturday we had a little family outing to the park and then cooked out for dinner with Lala & Babe. We have still not had a date night for the month of January, and I'm worried we will not with all the things going on over the next 2 weeks. Hopefully we can squeeze a night in. The weather has been so crazy here. It's freezing one day and warm the next! This is D at the park.
I just loved Delainey's outfit she wore this past Sunday to church! I think she may be getting a molar or 2. She hasn't been sleeping well and has been fussier than usual. I can't see a tooth breaking through, but I am not sure what else could be the reason for her being a little grumpy. 
Yesterday after nap, I went into her room and found her sitting on the dresser looking at pics! She is quite the monkey. She now climbs her dresser in the closet by stepping on the knobs like she is rock climbing. Ahh! Time to batten down the hatches even more! 
D's latest obsession is band-aids. Every day she asks for a new band-aid. She will say this is just pretend. Today she told Gammoe she needed a band-aid because she had an ouchie on her nose. She came out with a band-aid on her nose. It was hilarious! 

And lastly Kelli's baby shower has finally arrived this weekend! I've completed all my crafting projects and think that everything should turn out great! We are going to head down there Friday to set up so we are ready to party Saturday morning for a baby brunch! Here's a little sneak peak of 1 of my crafts that turned out awesome! I'll be back after the shower with a whole post and pictures! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter "one"derland & smores supper club

This past Thursday we had our first supper club of the new year and the theme was onesies and smores by the bonfire! Majority of the girls were able to find some onesies and boy did they look good in them. We had a nice Chicken picata dinner that Emily actually cooked and then we went outside and roasted smores by the bonfire. I forgot how much I loved smores! We had a so much fun hanging out and playing games by the fire. Here are some pictures from the night!
Here are some pics of fun with Delainey this week. We had a nice relaxing weekend filled with trips to the park and our everyday normal activities. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolutions

Each year I make some new year's resolutions and usually follow through with 1 or 2 of them. I'm hoping to be more successful this year. Here are my resolutions:

1. Spend at least 1 time a week together as a family
I know this sounds crazy, but David works so much during the week that often times he won't even see Delainey from Sunday - Thursday. So I am hoping to do something once a week whether it be go for a walk, to the park, have dinner together, things like that

2. Have 1 date night a month 
We have gotten horrible about going on dates! We are just so busy that when we have a free night we usually spend it with Delainey. I really want to spend just 1 day of the month with just the 2 of us.

3. Save the weekly amount of money for the year in mason jar
I jumped on board with the "52 Week Money saving challenge" that is floating around pinterest and the internet. Basically the 1st week of the year you save $1, then the second week you save $2. You should have about $1300 by the end of the year. Which I want to use for an annual family vacation each year. 

4. Pray together each night & read weekly "his story" reading
With David working late some nights, we have let the praying together go by the wayside. Our church is starting a series based on the book of "his story." I love series like this and plan to read a chapter a week that corresponds with the message. 

5. Read Proverbs 31 message before I get out of bed and pray for the day.
I often times find myself checking my instagram and Facebook before I do anything else. I want to scale back on the internet and focus my attention on God.

6. Spend less than we make  
When I was pregnant with Delainey, we started living on one income and saved up a lot of money. I'm not entirely sure on where a lot of the money has gone, but I'm obviously spending more than we make if I keep dipping into savings. I think it is vacations, parties, weddings, and shopping. I am hoping to tighten up and live within my means and not really on my savings money. 

7. Eat healthier & cook at least 1 meal a week
For the last time haha with David being gone its easier not to cook for Delainey and myself and just go over to mom's or go out to eat. I am going to try to cook at least 1 meal a week bc I know David really does enjoy a home cooked meal to come home to. Time to eat healthier at home and live the dream when we go out to dinner. 

So, I need some accountability people please to hold me to all of these resolutions. Did I forget any must have resolutions?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Highlights!

Yes I know we are already 8 days into the new year, but I am just getting back into a routine from the holidays and have more time to blog. 2013 was a great year spent with lots of fun trips and adventures with Delainey. We are hoping 2014 brings just as much fun and maybe a little brother or sister for Delainey (at least be in the belly this year). Here is a recap of some of the fun things we did in 2013.

Delainey had her first boat ride
We had our first of many trips to the zoo

We traveled to Breckenridge CO and Delainey saw/played in snow for the first time
Mom & Dad had a night away in Savannah with some friends and celebrated our 6th anniversary

Delainey took her 1st steps!
We celebrated Delainey's 1st St. Patrick's day and Krista's bridal shower
We celebrated Delainey's 1st Easter

David started a new job with Stryker
Krista's bachelorette party in Savannah
We started celebrating birthday week for D!

We celebrated Delainey's 1st birthday and had a huge mermaid party for her!
We started ISR swim lessons

Delainey rode on her first pony at Joni's birthday party
We graduated from swim lessons & can float/swim on our own!

We celebrated 4th of July on bikes!
We had a mommy/daughter weekend in Orlando and went to Seaworld
We traveled for our annual trip to the keys for fishing & lobstering

We celebrated Ralphie O'Day's retirement
We found out I am going to be an Aunt & Delainey is going to have a cousin

We found out Kelli's is having a girl named Georgia
Delainey graduated to a big girl bed since she was jumping out

We went to the corn maze & did all types of fall activities
Mom & Dad had a weekend getaway to San Francisco
Delainey did some trick or treating for the 1st time & was dressed as Minnie Mouse

I threw a bridal shower for Jessica
We found out Erica is having a boy
We celebrated Thanksgiving with all the family

Delainey took her 1st trip to Disney World
We traveled to Orlando for Jessica's bachelorette party
Delainey celebrated her 2nd Christmas, but her first fun one!
We threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Emily

What a fantastic year it has been! I'm still working on some New Year's Resolutions and will be back with those soon so you guys can hold me accountable. I look forward to 2014 being just as great if not better than 2013!

Monday, January 6, 2014

20 Months Update

Height: about 35 inches
Weight: about 26 pounds
Head Circumference: about 19 inches
Movement: You can jump off of 2 feet now! You got a new trampoline from Ton Ton & Bobo and have learned how to jump so well from it. Stairs are also easy now. I stand at the bottom and watch you go up & down now.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are so funny in the food department. One day you are obsessed with a food  and the next day you refuse to eat them. I don't know if you are going through growth spurts or have had a little cough. You are always down to eat any sort of fruit or crackers or pretzels. You also still love smoothies, chicken nuggets, corn, cheese. You are obsessed with Gammoe's caesar salad, but will not eat lettuce any other time. Milk is just ok these days and your all time favorite this month is treats from the North pole that Dash has brought you. He brought you a chocolate or candy cane or donut from the north pole each morning and you loved it!
Sleeping Patterns: You are still sleeping through the night and average about 12 hours. You take one nap a day in between 12 and 2 and you sleep for 1-2 hours. You are starting to love your stuffed animals. When I lay you down you ask for bunny and piggy and snuggle with them. It's precious!
Sounds/Words: Who even knows what new words you are saying this month. You have learned some new songs: Jingle bells, Jesus loves me, Behold behold, Rudolph the red nose reindeer(you know the extra sayings not the actual words). You also have watched every Christmas movie we could find. Your favorite was Elf or Arthur Christmas, but we watched the grinch, home alone, christmas vacation, Mickey's christmas, Winnie the pooh christmas, Curious George christmas, and Cat in the Hat christmas.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-Your incisors are completely in and boy are they pointy and sharp!
-You celebrated Christmas with both sides of the family and it was great!
-You made a birthday cake for Jesus and helped Gammoe make gingerbread cookies
-You spent a month with Dash the elf and enjoyed all his antics and treats he brought with him and hid in the advent calendar.
-You went to an ornament exchange party and played with lots of friends from Mom to Mom.
-You went to the live nativity with the Millers and got to pet the camel & goats.
-You went to luminary in Riverside and sat on Santa's lap
-You sat in big church with us for Christmas Eve service and did great! You kept saying "Who's that?" it was funny!
-You got a bike and a jeep and other fun toys!
-You helped throw Emily her surprise 30th birthday party
New Friends I've made: No new friends just hanging out with Collins & Parker a good bit. You also played with all the kids from Mom to Mom at our ornament exchange party.
Places you went/Adventures: You went to a live nativity, luminaria in riverside, met Santa, did an ornament exchange party, celebrated Chirstmas, celebrate New Years Eve at Emily's 30th birthday party. You also enjoyed one warm day at this beach this month!
Clothes: You are in 2T sleepers. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-2T, Target- 24 months/2T, Carter-2T , Old Navy/Gap- 2T. Size 7 1/2 shoe.
You are in a size 5 diaper.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emily's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

My sister-in-law Emily turned 30 today. Unfortunately for her, her birthday falls on New Year's Eve and everyone is too busy with their own plans so she never gets her birthday focused on. So Marica and I decided to make sure the attention was on her and throw her a surprise 30th birthday party.

Let me tell you it is tough throwing a surprise party! There are so many people to coordinate with, plus you have to make sure she is out of the house long enough to decorate for the party, and then you need an excuse to get her to go by the house. I was very nervous, but it actually worked and she was so surprised.

I told her I was having a party for her with my side of friends and the theme was "Roaring out of her 20s." I was doing a pre-party before we met up with her friends at the beach to go to the bars. We all dressed up in our 20s best and hung out at the house while enjoying some apps and drinks.

Then we sang happy birthday and I gave her a choice of 2 presents to open, but she could only pick one. Well the one she picked was a pass for her to swim with dolphins, which is a lifelong dream of hers. She was very excited, but of course wanted to know what was in the other. I let her open it and choose between the 2. The second was a roundtrip flight to New York City with me for a girls weekend getaway! Of course she picked the New York trip and I can't wait to go! Her reaction was priceless. She literally ran around in circles.
A little while after we "headed to the beach," but had to drop Delainey off at Marcia's to watch her overnight. As soon as we walked in, everyone yelled surprise and she was stunned. We had a great time playing flip cup, dancing, doing sparklers, and a champagne toast at midnight. The party was a total success and we had a wonderful new year's eve celebrating one of my best friends!! 

Fun with Guns!

Since having Delainey, I am constantly in protect mode thinking about how I could protect Delainey if anything ever happened. Call me crazy, but I think everyone is out to get us and I never want to be caught with my guard down. This has led to my new desire to own a gun. With David traveling and working late hours, I wanted to have a gun to protect ourselves while in our home. Cue the concealed weapons class Dad set up. One of Dad's employees, Conrad, is an avid gun shooter and is trained to teach concealed weapons classes. So we all got together to learn how to use a gun as well as the laws behind having a gun. It was very informative and I learned a lot. After the class, we went to the gun range and got to try out different guns. This was my first time shooting and I was very nervous. 

Erin & I sporting our sweet protective glasses.
Conrad our instructor with all his guns.
I loved it! Some of the guns definitely had some kick behind them, but I think David and I found the one we want. Dad and Mom are buying David and I a gun for Christmas.
Here are some pics of the boys shooting.

And of course me feeling very cool shooting the Automatic Rifle while walking! Monthly shooting practice is in the McLaughlin's future. It doesn't hurt either that Dave finds a girl with a gun very attractive haha!