Monday, October 28, 2013

"Happy Birfday Mama!"

Today is my birthday and D sure knows how to celebrate it! I had a wonderful day running errands, relaxing with Delainey, and eating dinner with all my favorite ladies tonight! I was also surprised with Michael Buble tickets so we will be watching him in concert tomorrow! Woohoo! Here's D singing to me:)

Also apparently while I was gone, Aunt Lala taught Delainey how to "shake your booty" and dance like a stripper. Thanks LALA!! :)

San Francisco Recap

We are back from San Fran and boy did we have fun! Because it was a work trip for David we had an expense account to use for all of our meals and travel. It is pretty nice having a car service pick you up from the airport and ordering bottles of wine and dessert every night. Of course we over indulged and I think I gained 10 pounds. I pretty much walked the entire city though so I am hoping that evened it out! Anyways here are a ton of pictures of our trip.

Thursday we arrived in San Fran and changed and went to a wine bar for happy hour. They had the best prosciutto flatbread and baked brie! Then we went to dinner at an Italian place called Perbacco. It was very fancy and delicious food. After dinner we walked along the water and stopped to have some drinks at a small bar. This is the ferry building at night.
 San Francisco Bay Bridge
Friday, I did some shopping on my own while Dave was working and then we headed out to tour the town. 
We walked through Chinatown. 
 Visited pier 39 and had a great view of Alcatraz as well as the Golden Gate bridge. My favorite part was the seals though!

We took pics on a cable car. 
Visited Lombard street with one of the most crooked roads in the country. 

 Had some drinks in the original Rogue brewery and walked through Little Italy to get back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. 
We stuffed ourselves with meat at a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner and then walked around the SOMA and Mission districts stopping occasionally to have drinks at different places. 

Saturday we visited the Ferry building's farmers market (I so wish we had something like this is JAX!) 
 We ate lunch in Chinatown. Then we walked along the bay to Fisherman's wharf and the Ghiradelli factory. 
 We took a bus to the Golden Gate bridge and walked out to the middle of the bridge which was very cool.(very windy!)
 View of San Fran from the middle of the bridge
 We went to happy hour at a Irish bar, feasted at an traditional Italian restaurant where all the servers were family, and then watched some fireworks off of pier 39.
We headed back to the hotel around 10 and took the red eye home. We had a fantastic time, but were so anxious to see Delainey! This was the longest I have ever been away from her! We were greeted with her yelling Mama and Dada and jumping up and down! I mean how could you resist this face :)
We had a great time! I would also like to give a shout out to all the people who made this trip possible! We could not have made this happen without my parents and Dave's parents watching D for the weekend. Especially Dad who took off work on Thursday to play with Delainey at the zoo! You guys are the best and we love you!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Party & Noles Win!!

This past weekend was full of activities and it everything was fantastic! 

I started off by finding out that I am allowed to go with David next week on his work trip to.....SAN FRANCISCO! I am so excited and we leave this Thursday through Sunday. One of the doctor's backed out and it is just a lady PA so they thought it would be more appropriate for Dave to bring his wife since he will be entertaining some lady all weekend; which of course I was thrilled about! I will be alone on Friday from 8-5 and Saturday from 8-12 but I am no stranger to sightseeing alone so I am good with! 

Friday, we had our couple's supper club at Ashley and Carlton's house and the theme was Caribbean. The jerk chicken and fish tacos were fantastic and Delainey had a great time playing with her friend Wyatt. I never realized how tall D was until she was standing next to Wyatt who is 1 week older. She went to high five him and he had to jump to hit her hand. They had a dance party, held hands, and even kissed. It was cute. 
Saturday, Mom, Kelli, D, & I hit up the Italian American Festival for some real Italian food. It lived up to all my expectations and made me miss my Bumpa even more! I wish I still had him around to cook us his Italian food! They also had a little petting zoo there. D actually touched the goat and sheep...not a fan of the horses though. 
After lunch, I passed D off to Terri and headed out the Erica's for the Annual Pumpkin carving contest. I carved Minnie Mouse and it was pretty legit! I didn't win the competition, but I think I should have. We all had a great time hanging out and getting messy. 

The most important part of Saturday happened at 8 pm and it was FSU vs. Clemson football game. I was so anxious for the game and could not believe how great we are! Finally a team that is good! We had a great time cheering on the Noles! 

This week is a short one before we leave on Thursday. We will be busy packing for both me and Delainey to stay with the grandparents and then hitting up a pumpkin patch on Wednesday with our Mom to Mom group. Hopefully I can do one more post before I head to the West coast! Woohoo!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Conner's A-Maizing Farm

Today we had a nice family trip out to Hilliard to go to a corn maize. Last year we tried a different one and there wasn't a whole lot to do. This one was much better besides the 1 hour drive it took to get there. There was a ton of different stuff to do. Here are a bunch of pics of today!

 They had a really cool cow train Delainey loved. Our cow's name was very fitting :)

 I love this little family photo in front of the sunflowers.             HAHA so funny!

 They had an awesome huge tub of dried corn the kids could play in. Delainey loved feeling the corn texture on her toes.

 Then we went on a hayride out to the corn maze and we got to feed the cows on the way. Delainey did not want to get too close but it was really cool how close they came.

 We skipped walking through the maze since it was so hot and Delainey was getting tired, so instead we went to see the chickens, goats, sheeps, bunnies, and horses.

 We ended the day playing on the huge hay bails and took a few quick pictures in the pumpkin patch. If you look closely you can see her new smile. It's so cute how she scrunches her nose and says cheese.
We had a fantastic fall day as a family. We have to take advantage of time with Dada because he is going on work trips the next 2 weekends. I highly recommend this corn maze for anyone who lives nearby! I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Friday, October 4, 2013

17 Month Update

 Silly faces

 Sleeping under her bed
Snuggling w/ D                                                             Cuddles when sick

Height: about 35 inches
Weight: about 25 pounds
Head Circumference: about 20 inches
Movement: We are in full swing as far as movement goes. You are so fast that I have to run to catch up to you. You also can go up and down stairs on your own.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are still picky about some foods. Your favorite food this month are edamame, green beans. cantaloupe, kiwi, pancakes, pretzels, goldfish, gummy bears, applesauce, and salami.
Sleeping Patterns: Since moving into your big girl bed we have good nights and bad. As long as Delainey doesn't fall out of her crib she will sleep all night. If she does fall out though she gets up a few different times and cries and ends up sleeping in crazy places. You still take 1 nap a day around 1ish for 1-2 hours.
Sounds/Words: I was reading about 18 month old's language and you should have at least 6 good words you say. We tried to keep track of the words you can say and we are past 125 words which is fantastic. You literally are learning new words everyday!  You still love music and are able to sing the first verse of a lot of songs. Your favorite songs are "If your happy and you know it" and "Baa baa black sheep"
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You are in a big girl bed now!
-You are talking up a storm in full sentences now
-You did your first arts and crafts at the JCP daycare and it is so cute with hand prints that make up the tree leaves
-She can go forward on her bike toy instead of just backwards
-You rode on your first train at the mall with Lala and constantly say Lala choo choo.
-You now can smile and stick your tongue out for pictures
-Mommy and you have both been sick with a runny nose and cough this month.
New Friends I've made: You are in a new mom to mom class, but Matthew is still with you so we are happy, you also met Hambone, Jessica's new puppy.
Places you went/Adventures: You went to Camdyn's birthday party, Erin's Sturms baby shower, and have been watching lots of FSU football at our house and Jessica's house.
Clothes: You are in 18 month sleepers. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-18-24, Target- 18 months, Carter-18 , Old Navy/Gap- 18-24 (For pants we are up to 24 month)
You are in a size 4 diaper.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's October - Birthday Month!!

I can't believe we are already into October which of course means it's birthday month for me! I am loving the weather lately, and can't wait to partake in some fall festivities such as pumpkin patches, oktoberfest, football, carving pumpkins, and trick or treating. I better start on my birthday list soon :)
In other news, we are still working on Delainey sleeping through the night in her new big girl bed. Some nights are great and others aren't. Last Thursday, I heard D moving and checked monitor at about 4 am and couldn't find her. I didn't think much about it and thought she must be on the floor out of the sight of the camera. The next morning I went in there to see where she was and couldn't find her anywhere...until I heard noise from under the crib so I lifted the crib skirt and quickly took a picture. Crazy girl slept under her crib.

Since that night she has been sleeping in all sorts of weird places. On the floor by the door, next to the rocking chair, it doesn't seem to matter to her. The only time she really cries is if she can't find her paci. Hopefully, she will start staying in bed and not having so many wake ups.

In other news, Florida state is off to a 4-0 start and are looking pretty good once they get warmed up. Most of our Saturdays are spent crowding the TV watching football. Before the FSU game saturday, we had a nice little family day of coffee at Starbucks, shopping at the Town Center, and lunch at Maggiano's. I am so glad David is not on call 24/7 anymore. That night , Jessica brought over her new English Mastiff puppy for us to meet.
 Sunday we did the usual routine of church and lunch and then home for a nap for everyone. Delainey didn't sleep well Saturday night so she was exhausted Sunday after church. She kept laying her head down at lunch but never really fell asleep.

We are off to a normal week of mom to mom and possibly the zoo this week! Have a good week!