Monday, September 28, 2015

Last week through the camera roll

The past week has been a pretty standard week for us with a few fun things mixed in with a cold for Blakely.
Last Sunday we enjoyed the first gorgeous day we have had in about 2 weeks at the beach after church. Blakely loved it now that she can sit up and actually see things. We built sandcastles, looked for shells, and put only our toes in the water! :) 

Monday we went shopping at the Town Center & Costco (one of Delainey's favorite places...mainly for the samples) We picked out her halloween costume there and she is going to be Cinderella from the new real life Cinderella movie.
 Tuesday she had school. Wednesday we had a Mom 2 Mom playdate at Chick-fil-a where we got to go in the back to see how everything was made. Everything is so fresh and handmade, not to mention cleanly so it just solidified my obsession with Chick-fil-a. They told me I couldn't take pictures back there though. Fun Fact: Chick-fil-a is the largest purchaser of lemons in the state of Florida for their fresh squeezed lemonade!
 Thursday, Delainey had school and Blakely and I just snuggled at home since she was sick and did her first ever breathing treatment since she was having trouble breathing from the cough and mucus. She surprisingly didn't seem to mind it to much. I put on a show on my phone and she was so fascinated that she didn't seem to notice it on her face.

That evening,  I finished packing and getting life ready for myself to go out of town for the weekend and leave Dave home with the girls! I'll be back in a day with my recap of my weekend away!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rock the Universe & Islands of Adventures Weekend

**Disclosure: I did this post 4 days ago and fell asleep in the middle of it and never posted! Sorry!**

A few weeks ago I posted about how Delainey won tickets on the radio for a concert in Orlando called Rock the Universe. It is a christian concert at Universal Studios. In addition to the tickets, we also got passes to Islands of Adventure and Universal for the next day. Saturday after Delainey's soccer game we headed down to Orlando to have a nice little weekend getaway. The weather was not the best so we had to wait out the rain for about 45 minutes in a ride, but after that the rest of the night was nice! Universal was packed with people (really teens) who were there for Rock the Universe). We did a few rides, ate dinner, listened to some music, and called it a night around 11 pm. 
The minion ride was D's favorite of the night. 

My troopers were still going strong as we left Universal at 11 pm!

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to Islands of Adventure. We had a park hopper so we went to both parks.
At Universal, we found a secret back part that was FANTASTIC for kids! They had a live Barney Show, an awesome Curious George splash city, a ball factory with air guns to shoot people with balls (so fun), and an entire Fievel Goes West play area too.
Throughout the entire trip Blakely was surprise. Instead of sleeping this entire trip though, she was wide awake loving all the sights and sounds. She about jumped out of David's arms watching the Barney show. She is such a curious little girl!

This is the Curious George splash city! Mom wishes she brought her bathing suit too. It looked awesome.
I spy Delainey running by like a wild woman!
The Ball Factory
 Fievel's play area
Over at Islands of Adventure, we hit up the entire Dr. Seuss land. We did one fish, two fish was is like the dumbo ride. That was Blakely's 1st ride! She seemed to enjoy it! Dave and D did the carousel, and we both did the Cat in the Hat ride. For 90% of the rides we did the child swap where we all stood in line and then when it was our turn one adult would stay back and one would go with Delainey. After the ride was over we would switch adults and Delainey would get to ride again! Win win!

The rain started just as we were finishing Dr. Seuss land so we ran for cover and had a nice lunch in greek mythology restaurant. It was really cool inside. After lunch we headed to Jurassic Park land to do the flying pteranadons, the pic below is not us, but it was only Delainey and I who did it, so I had no one to take our pic. That was a fun ride.

Then Dave took D on her first huge ride! The fall on the Jurassic Park ride is about a 4-5 story drop and she did great!! All smiles when she got back.

Of course we had to hit up Harry Potter land for some butterbeer even though most of the rides are too big for Delainey to do.  Dave and D might have had butterbeer on Saturday night too. We also rode the train in between the 2 parks which was a first for me and was really neat. Overall we had a great weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised at all the things there was for toddlers to do. We will definitely have to hit it up's just hard to make time since we are such Disney fanatics!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Delainey's 1st Soccer Game

I have been anxiously awaiting the day that Delainey was eligible to start "real" sports and it has finally come. I'm not saying gymnastics and ballet aren't real sports, but at age 3 they really don't do too much as far as skills go. This past Saturday, D had her first game and she did awesome (way better than I expected to be honest). We have practiced a few times in the yard and I wasn't too hopeful, but she exceeded my expectations! I think we have a natural athlete on our hands!

She was not too thrilled that she didn't score a goal, but we are working on sportsmanship and that it's not all about winning, just having fun! We will see how this next week goes!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Shenanigans

Our long labor day weekend was filled with tons of fun things! Lots of rain so we pulled out the rain boots, some My Gym craziness (that is D at the top of the rock wall all on her own), introducing Blakely to Baby Signing Time DVDs which she of course loved, a cold for Blakely, poor baby but still smiling, and some sister snuggles...or being held by big sis these days. 

Friday enjoyed some time at the pool with Alicia and her girls and dinner at a new restaurant called V's pizza. It was delicious!! We topped of the day with dessert at Bruster's ice cream.
Saturday, we did some shopping for Dad's new game day shirt, and went to Costco then back home to watch some College football! I love my girlies matching cheer outfits.

Sunday we headed out to Ft. George Island on the boat to meet up with friends and play on the sandbar. Delainey had fun playing with baby Weston and being his "babysitter." Gammoe watched Blakely while we were out on the boat and then we headed back for Family dinner with the McLaughlin's

Yesterday, Dave went fishing and Delainey went to the zoo with Gammoe so Blakely and I headed to my friend Tracie's to hang out and talk wedding stuff. I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend!
This week Mom 2 Mom starts back on Wednesdays! I am so excited to add that into the weekly schedule. This week is going to just fly by. School, M2M and tutoring, school, packing on Friday, Saturday D has her 1st soccer game then we are headed to Orlando for Rock the Universe and Islands of Adventures for the weekend. Can't wait!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Delainey's 1st Jaguar Game

Last Friday we took Delainey to her first NFL football game. She loves watching football on TV these days and I knew she would love going to a huge stadium to watch it in real life. Not to mention there are fun snacks and things to see. We choose a preseason game because all the regular season games are at 1:00 pm and that is just way too hot!! The weather was a little rainy, but luckily it stopped just as we were walking in and didn't start up again till after half time when we were walking back to the car. 

Of course she loved running up and down the huge ramps and checking out all the cool vendors everywhere. She might have got an ice cream AND some cotton candy while watching the game. (It's all about the experience) She learned the first down chant and had a blast cheering on the jags. She particularly was fascinated with the new pool area at the stadium and kept saying she wanted to go swimming. Little did she know it is about $250 a ticket to get in the pool area. She told me to get some money so she could swim when I told her it cost money. LOL

 Hopefully we can bring her back to one more game this season....definitely not till it gets cooler! Grammy and Pops babysat Blakely while we were at the game. Blake had a great time sucking on Pops' cold spoon! haha this was the pic I got while at the game. Gem babysitters right there! :)
On another note, we had a lovely day at home this week playing dress up and singing princess songs. Blakely is so entertained by her big sister...and I mean all the time! She just smiles and giggles whenever she's around.  Mom even put on a sparkly gown for the performance. LOL