Thursday, November 12, 2015

We are going on a Disney Cruise!!

The surprise trip was revealed today to Delainey and she gave us a lackluster performance to say the least! LOL Honestly it was my fault! I told her Mickey & Minnie dropped off a gift she could open after she got her phone call telling her where we were going. As soon as she got of the phone with them, she ran over and said I can open my present now! So much for a great reaction and us making it onto Ellen with the cutest little song and dance about going on a cruise! I know she is going to be so excited when she actually sees the cruise and gets to walk on it though.

I even went as far as to make her her own ticket and print out a picture of the cruise since she can't read yet. Still nothing but "oh yea a Disney cruise." haha Better luck next time! :) 

 She was definitely more excited about her new bathing suit and princess rolling luggage :) 

Tomorrow we are headed out around 10 to get down there by 12:30. From all the blogs and insider tips I've read, between 12 and 2 is the best time to embark. After the rush when it opens and before there are millions of people trying to get on before its too late. Plus Big Momma wants to take full advantage of all her free meals! :) I am one of those fattys who asks for 2-3 entrees for each meal because they all look so delicious! Why not right?! I can't wait to see how much weight I gain lol. After we get on and eat lunch, we are headed to the pool to enjoy some sun! I will post a few pictures to Instagram while we are still in port. Unfortunately, once we have left port, I won't have cell service so there will be no picture updates until Monday.  I'm just excited Dave's phone won't work for 3 days...woohoo!

I can't wait to enjoy every second of this cruise and make some lifelong memories with my little family! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Update: I have had a few requests for the cruise line ticket. I found it on pinterest so I am not sure who to give credit to. But here is a jpg of the image. Save the image to your computer then go to and you can edit the photo and add text on the blank lines. Enjoy!!


  1. Do you have a link to where I could print the ticket? Would love to print this for the kids Christmas presents! Thanks!

    1. Hey Tricia! I updated the blog post so you could copy and save a blank image of the ticket. Then go to to edit the image and add in text on the lines. Have a great time on the cruise and let me know if you need any recommendations!!