Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Blog Look

Well, I finally did it! After almost 3 1/2 years of writing this blog, I finally became official and gave the ole blog a facelift. I am still trying to get some things organized and make links to things to find posts easier, but so far I think it looks pretty good. I would love any suggestions or recommendations you guys have to make it more user friendly.

I think my favorite new part about it is the navigation bar at the top that takes you to more pages. I am constantly looking up Delainey's Monthly Updates to compare her and Blakely and it is so much easier now to click a link and all of the updates are there!

Maybe one day, I will have more followers and people can come read my blog for infertility support or just to see what our wild and crazy life entails.

Anyways, this past weekend David & I finally got away for a late Birthday dinner with just the 2 of us at the Melting Pot. It has been our anniversary/birthday spot since we started dating in Tallahassee and I love it, so why try anywhere else. It was so nice to catch up and talk without 2 kids screaming in the background. I really have to be better about making date nights happen monthly because I live for them!
 Saturday, I did some serious meal prep for Miss Blakely Boo. She has tried most foods individually now, so I though it was time to bust out the baby cookbook and make some fun things! Plus it is so much cheaper!! We made: Blueberry Pear Yogurt, Apple Pear Strawberry, Chicken Apple Sweet potato, Chicken Sweet potato Pea Pasta, and Banana Avocado. I was given the Beaba Steamer/blender for a gift when Delainey was born which makes things so easy. Also new to me this time, I was gifted the Infantino squeeze pouches and filling station which was awesome! Much easier to have pouches filled when we are on the go!

Saturday afternoon, we had the family over for a cookout and to watch the FSU vs. Clemson game. Of course the girls were exhausted by 7 pm from running around like maniacs, but it was a good time!

 This week we are BUSY packing for our "surprise trip" that we are leaving for on Friday. I knew there was no way I was going to wait to pack everything till Thursday when we are planning on surprising Delainey with where we are going. So instead, I told her we are going on a surprise trip and she has spent majority of the days asking where it is and taking guesses. I keep telling her "nope it is better than that!" LOL She is going to be so excited!! I will post the video Thursday night of Mickey & Minnie telling her where we are going! I mean how cute are these girls!

I also tried to be mom of the year yesterday by making these little turkey snack bags since it was our week to bring in snacks for school. They turned out pretty good, but took way longer than I anticipated to stuff them. I think it will just be a box of goldfish next time we are assigned snack. :)

 I hope you guys have a great week and are enjoying the new blog look!!


  1. You are such an amazing mother and friend. The blog looks wonderful and I cannot wait to see what you put up next. The "surprise" trip is going to be a great post I already know it! Love you, JB