Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last week of swim lessons

Delainey officially graduated from swim lessons this week. She can definitely roll over and float on her back which was my main concern. Now, I feel confident if she fell in she would be able to float until someone got to her. As far as actually swimming around the pool goes, we aren't quite there. She kicks for about 3 feet and then flips over. We haven't really mastered flipping back over to swim. I take her to the pool enough to work with her so hopefully soon we will be good with the actual swimming. Before they let her graduate, she had to swim in her summer clothes and her winter clothes since that what she would most likely be in if she fell in the pool. Here are some pics and videos of her in her clothes.

Friday, June 28, 2013

We are back in business!

Sorry for the week long hiatus! David has been away in Texas at a training and he took the computer with him. He got back tonight and we are so glad to see him! It has been tough being a single parent, but thank God for Terri who has taken care of D several days to give me a break. The past week or so have been pretty eventful. Last Thursday we went to the zoo with Gammoe. It was a day of firsts. We rode on our first carousel ride as well as on the train around the zoo. Delainey wasn't too sure about the carousel ride, but she managed to do okay.

 In other news, this week was our last week of swim lessons and we have been busy playing at the pool most of the days. We had a glow stick bath party one night. It was fun to have all the lights off while playing in the tub!

Today, we went to a new kids place called Discovery House with some of our friends from Mom to Mom. They had all types of music, dress up, kitchens, toys, anything you could think of. They even had a turtle and and a bunny she was able to pet. Delainey had a great time playing with all of the fun stuff. I was able to get a picture or 2 of her in her chef's outfit!

I will be back tomorrow with a post on Delainey's last week of swim lessons and few videos of her swimming. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pony Ride & Father's Day!

We finished off Saturday by going to another birthday party for my friend Lindsey's daughter Joni. It was her first birthday and of course it was way over the top. It was out on the farm which was awesome for Delainey to experience. She got within 5 feet of the cows and learned how to say moo, we ate some delicious barbecue and also got to ride ponies. We first started off by taking a little carriage ride behind one with mom. 
Then we decided to go big time and ride on the actual pony. Delainey grabbed onto that baby with one hand and rode off into the distance. Well maybe a little exaggeration there, but she did do really well. Maybe she will ride horses one day like her Grammy. 
The party was alot of fun and I am so glad we made the hour trek out to the farm to have some new experiences. 
Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day in our usual fashion without David. :( Poor guy got called in to work at 2:45 am and had to work until about 2:00 pm on Sunday. So needless to say he was pretty exhausted and not up for too much excitement. Delainey and I did however go to church still and out to lunch with the family to celebrate Pop's father's day. We did her hair in pigtails since that is David's favorite!  
I just want to give a shout out to the 2 best father's in the whole entire world! Dad, you are the greatest father who always makes me laugh, teaches me valuable lessons, and is always there to help when I'm in need. I don't know how you made it through my teenage years while still loving me, but I am so glad you did because I could not ask for a kinder, more loving father than you! And David you've only been a Dad for a little over a year, but you are definitely a natural. I love to watch you interact with Delainey and you light up when you are with her. Delainey is so lucky to have you as her father! We love you!

On a lighter note, here is a video of her on the pony. (Listen carefully for Delainey's's so cute!)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's the weekend!

Today has been a fun week filled with plenty of time in the sun. I started tutoring again this Tuesday. I am going to do it one day a week, but I have 5 kids so that will be some nice play money. Grammy is going to be watching Delainey on those days. Wednesday we were at the pool all day and then  I had girls supper club. I rented the baby signing time videos again from the library and Delainey is obsessed with them. It is the only thing on TV that has ever kept her attention for more than 3 minutes. This is her zoned in look :)
 Thursday we went to the beach with Grammy and Aunt Kelli and then out to lunch at Taco Lu. I have been once before, but it was much better than I remembered!
 Silly D couldn't decide which shoe to wear so why not one of each! 
 Trying our new jersey headbands
 Today we got up bright and early and went to Haigan's first birthday party. Delainey had a great time making necklaces and playing with some of her friends. After the party we headed to Grammy's for some swimming time. Did I mention what a nut Delainey is? haha
We are off to our second party for the day which I am sure is going to be an over the top ordeal. I will take plenty of pics and post soon. I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

3rd Week of Swim Lessons

We just completed our 3rd week of swim lessons and we are making leaps and bounds. I am hopeful Delainey will be semi swimming within another 3 weeks. The whole ISR concept is to not lift your head to breathe when the kids are so young. So basically they are taught to swim and when they need a breath, roll over and float, and then roll back over and keep swimming to the edge. Delainey is pretty good with the swim part. This past week she started working on the rolling over into the float. On Friday so did the best I have seen so far. Here is a video of her progress on Friday.

13 Months Update

Swollen eye from the nightstand falling on you

 You absolutely love riding the bicycle with Grammy

Height: about 31 inches
Weight: about 22 pounds
Head Circumference: about 19 inches
Movement: You are walking/running with the best of them. You are maneuvering up and down steps pretty well while standing up these days.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are officially off formula and on to whole milk. You drink about 4 ounces in the morning and 6 at night. You like your milk warm, but are easing into cold milk when it is chocolate or vanilla flavored. As far as new foods go, I am pretty sure you have tasted almost everything. This month you did have salmon, black olives, and chocolate milk.
Sleeping Patterns: Still sleeping through the night...and you have mostly gone to one nap a day. Usually they last between 1 & 2 hours and you take them around 2 pm.
Sounds/Words: Your new favorite word is more! You point at something and say more. It is so nice communicating with you and being able to give you what you want. Also your first phrase out of your mouth was "bye bye Dada." You still say no a good bit and shake your head. We are still working on saying yes.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You do the airplane sign, the bird sign, & the thank you sign
-You also give kisses (which I am absolutely loving!)
-You started swim lessons
-This is not an accomplishment, but you had your first real boo boo. You climbed  up on Daddy's nightstand and it fell over on top of your. Luckily Mom was right their to pull it off, but you got a little bit of a black eye and bloody nose.
New Friends I've made: No new friends, just hanging out with the usual kiddos.
Places you went/Adventures: We have been having our Mom to Mom group meet at our house on Wednesday's which has been fun. You also have been doing swim lessons daily and going to My Gym a good bit. You also went to the TPC for the first time and loved it!
Clothes: You are in 18 month sleepers. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-12-18, Target- 12 months, Carter-12 , Old Navy/Gap- 12-18
You are in a size 4 diaper.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week in review

This past week has been pretty normal for us. It was my last week of tutoring at the school and my last week of watching Dean. I am going to continue tutoring over the summer on Tuesdays just for some extra spending cash. As far as Dean goes, we are done watching him for good. Next year he is going to go to a preschool. I know Delainey will miss him. 

In other news, Delainey has turned into quite the little gymnast these days. My Gym (where we go) does basic stuff, but I take Delainey off on our own and work on her flipping on the bar and hand stands. When she is 18 months, I think we may go to a more gymnastics based class instead of songs and fun. I am obsessed with her 2 pigtails! Also we have been on a smoothie kick and she is obsessed with them. 

 On Friday, we went up to happy hour at our community pool. They have live music, food & drinks, all while the kids are swimming in the pool. We had a great time hanging out up there. Delainey had a blast dancing with the big kids and helping play guitar! This first picture shows you her teeth pretty well.

Good old Aunt Melissa giving D her beer to chew on. 

 Saturday, I got up bright and early and headed to Savannah with Erica, Krista, and Jessica to go wedding dress shopping and look at Jess's venues for her upcoming wedding in February. We found the dress and also got to look at the rehearsal and reception sites. It is going to be such a fun wedding, I can't wait! Then we went to dinner and hit the bars. It was a really great day with some of my best friends!
Meanwhile, while I was playing, David was watching Delainey. He did such a great job watching her. He took her to the park, went to the pool, took her to his parents for dinner, got her all dressed and ready for church. I was thoroughly impressed!  He kept sending me pictures and videos of her throughout the day. (these were some of the pics he sent) Can you believe he was able to do her hair so well and all her outfits matched!! Did I mention I have the best husband in the world! :)