Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week in review

This past week has been pretty normal for us. It was my last week of tutoring at the school and my last week of watching Dean. I am going to continue tutoring over the summer on Tuesdays just for some extra spending cash. As far as Dean goes, we are done watching him for good. Next year he is going to go to a preschool. I know Delainey will miss him. 

In other news, Delainey has turned into quite the little gymnast these days. My Gym (where we go) does basic stuff, but I take Delainey off on our own and work on her flipping on the bar and hand stands. When she is 18 months, I think we may go to a more gymnastics based class instead of songs and fun. I am obsessed with her 2 pigtails! Also we have been on a smoothie kick and she is obsessed with them. 

 On Friday, we went up to happy hour at our community pool. They have live music, food & drinks, all while the kids are swimming in the pool. We had a great time hanging out up there. Delainey had a blast dancing with the big kids and helping play guitar! This first picture shows you her teeth pretty well.

Good old Aunt Melissa giving D her beer to chew on. 

 Saturday, I got up bright and early and headed to Savannah with Erica, Krista, and Jessica to go wedding dress shopping and look at Jess's venues for her upcoming wedding in February. We found the dress and also got to look at the rehearsal and reception sites. It is going to be such a fun wedding, I can't wait! Then we went to dinner and hit the bars. It was a really great day with some of my best friends!
Meanwhile, while I was playing, David was watching Delainey. He did such a great job watching her. He took her to the park, went to the pool, took her to his parents for dinner, got her all dressed and ready for church. I was thoroughly impressed!  He kept sending me pictures and videos of her throughout the day. (these were some of the pics he sent) Can you believe he was able to do her hair so well and all her outfits matched!! Did I mention I have the best husband in the world! :)

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