I started this blog after I had Delainey, so I only have Bumpdates for Blakely. God willing, I will post more Pregnancy Bumpdates on here in years to come :) I'm one of those sick people who LOVE being pregnant and everything it entails. (Well maybe not the extreme exhaustion in the 1st trimester lol) My poor husband may end up with 6 kids, since I will miss being pregnant too much. I don't know if I'll ever be able to stop! :)

Blakely's Pregnancy:
1st Trimester Update
It's a girl! Gender Reveal party
16 Weeks Bumpdate
20 Weeks Bumpdate
24 Weeks Bumpdate
28 Weeks Bumpdate
32 Weeks Bumpdate
36 Weeks Bumpdate
38 Weeks Bumpdate
39 Weeks Bumpdate
Blakely Ann has Arrived

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