Friday, September 26, 2014

1st Trimester Bumpdate

On July 22nd, we got the best news! We were expecting baby #2! It was not an easy journey getting to this point, but we couldn't have been happier when we found out the good news. The first few weeks nothing really changed as far as how I felt or looked. But then 7 weeks hit. The nausea and tiredness definitely kicked in. I kept telling myself it was a good sign to be sick and tired so bring it on! 
By 8 weeks, the belly was definitely starting to show. I had my first ultrasound mid way through 7 weeks and everything looked great so it was around 8 weeks that I told a few of my best friends the good news. 

10 Weeks - I kept sending Grammy belly pics when she was away visiting Tony and Brandi and the new babies. I also had another ultrasound with a different doctor and it looked great. Measuring right on track with a good heartbeat.

 No hiding this belly now!! We were heading to Trip's wedding and I had supper club so I thought it was time to make this pregnancy public at Week 12. I am still a little tired and had some horrible headaches last week, but otherwise doing good. Nausea kicks up a notch when I take my prenatal vitamins, but as long as I'm eating I am not too bad.

I am officially in the 2nd trimester now at 13 weeks. I was hoping I would feel miraculously better like I did with Delainey, but I haven't noticed much change yet. Maybe in another week or so. Atleast the headaches have gone away. I am so excited for the next trimester as we will find out the sex of the baby on Halloween day and will get to celebrate so many holidays with the new baby in my belly! We are officially 1/3 of the way there! Thanks for all your prayers for the miracle baby and please keep them coming for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby! God bless!!

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