Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trip & Lisa's wedding recap

This past weekend David and I headed to Tampa for one of David's best friends wedding. It was a small day time wedding. It was great to catch up with a lot of Dave's old college buddies!
Friday we had the rehearsal dinner on a river cruise which was really nice. Great food, good company, and a not bad view of Tampa Bay except for the fact that it was raining most of the night.

Saturday we headed to the wedding at 11 and then the reception was in the restaurant on the top floor of our hotel. There wasn't any music or traditional reception dances so we pretty much just talked and ate lunch and then it was over.

 Boys giving a very impromptu speech. Of course it was hilarious with this group! 
 The Bride & Groom
 Wives of the boys...too bad we all don't live closer.  Tampa, Jax, & Atlanta

After the wedding, we changed and went to a friend's house who lives in Tampa to watch some football. We finished the night at a bar called Press Box to watch the Florida State game. What a crazy game! I'm so glad we pulled it out in the end!

On Sunday Dave and I headed home and stopped off in Orlando to use my other 2 free tickets to Universal that I won on the radio. We went to the new Harry Potter land and rode on the new ride. We  ate lunch and then did the transformers ride and headed home to see the queenie! Overall it was a great weekend spent with old friends!

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