Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Professional Spring Pictures

We had some professional spring pictures taken 2 weeks ago and here are a few of my favorites! 

Weston Milam is here & a day trip to Hollywood Studios

Sorry for being such a slacker this past week. I feel like so much has been going on! On Tuesday last week,  my friend Erica was induced and baby Weston made his debut after about 14 hours of waiting. It was a smooth delivery and all the girls were there waiting in the lobby until he was cleaned up and ready to meet all his Aunts.
He was 7 lb 9 oz and 21 inches so very close to Delainey's size. He just looked so little and skinny to me though. Erica is so laid back about everything considering this is her first kid. She's going to be a great mom.  We went up there on Thursday and saw him as well before they weren't sent home. 
Friday, we cooked out at the house and had Jess & Gregg and Kel and Jeff & G and Erica also decided to come over with baby Weston. It is crazy to see what a difference 1 month can make from being a newborn to Georgia's size! In her defense she was never as small as Weston! 
Saturday morning, we woke up and headed down to hollywood studios with Grammy for the day. We had a blast. We watched a broadway-like show of Beauty and the Beast, did a puppet Disney junior show, and saw the little mermaid in black lights. They were all very cool and Delainey was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. After all the shows, D was beat and took a little snooze in her stroller. Once she woke up we did the Backlot tour (pretty boring and long) and then played on honey I shrunk the kids which of course was her favorite. The park seemed like there was enough to do for one day but definitely not more. We would have filled our day if we did the tower of terror and rock n roller coaster. It of course doesn't compare to Magic Kingdom though! 

After the park, we headed to Fudruckers to indulge in one of my favorite burgers and headed back to the hotel to snooze. (Pops had a baseball tournament nearby so we stayed with him) Sunday we headed home and Delainey decided since she is almost 2 she is going to start acting out the terrible two's. The last 3 days have been quite the treat with her temper tantrums and hitting. I'm in the process of trying out methods to see what works for her, but while I figure it out boy has it been exhausting! I keep hoping she's just sick and that's why she's grumpy, but I have a feeling this is who she is going to be for a few months. Pray for me! Here we go "Terrific/Terrible" Two's! I can't believe she is 2 on Saturday! AHH! We are headed to Disney for the weekend to hit up Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and stay at the Art of Animation Resort in a Nemo themed room. I think I am most excited about the room! I will take tons of pictures!
P.S. We also celebrated poor Daddy's birthday yesterday. He get's no attention since it is so close to Delainey's bday. We did do dinner at his parent's house and he got a few gifts from us so he was happy. Happy birthday to the best Dad & Husband in the world! We love you David! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014 Recap

We had such a fantastic Easter weekend! It was spent exactly how I wanted to relaxing and playing with family. Thursday we continued our tradition of making resurrection rolls. When I ask Delainey where did Jesus die, she says on a cross. Then I would say where is he now and she says in the sky in heaven. Proud mommy! I know she doesn't understand all that but at least it is being engrained in her at an early age. These rolls help demonstrate how the tomb was empty. Here's more info about them from last year's post. Resurrection rolls link

 Friday we cooked out with Jeff, Kelli, and baby Georgia. Saturday we went to Joni's Easter egg party/hunt. It was decorated so nicely and Delainey finally stepped up and got competitive during the egg hunt. She was running around picking them up yelling hurry hurry. There was probably about 15 kids there which made it even more fun!
After the party and a nap, we dyed Easter eggs. D was actually able to balance the egg and dye them herself this year. A little messy but thats half the fun! 

Sunday morning Delainey ran to the living room to see what the Easter bunny brought her. She is just like David and sees something cool and wants to open it immediately. I on the other hand look at all my gifts then open my favorite first. It makes for a long process of actually looking at all of her gifts since each one has to be opened before we can look at another haha. She racked up this Easter! Of course her fave present was her new fishing pole which was put to use that afternoon. 
We headed to church for a fantastic message and then back to Grammy & Pops for lunch with the entire family. 
After lunch and a nap we headed to Gammoe's for dinner. David and I taught D how to use her fishing pole and she caught her first fish. It was a pretty large catfish. She was not interested in touching it. :) Like mother like daughter. We will catch them, you take them off the hook! 
 Dave's old friend from FSU, Brent Pease stopped by for dinner. It was great to catch up with him too since he lives in Atlanta. We had a great Easter weekend! I hope everyone else did as well and remembers Jesus is Alive everyday not just on Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Girls Trip 2014

With all of the craziness going on lately with Kelli having baby Georgia, the holidays, and Delainey's birthday coming up; we decided to do a low key relaxing girls trip. We are now up to a party of 5 for our girls getaways! We went to my friend Alicia's family beach condo in Palm Coast for 2 nights.  We enjoyed some time by the pool, walks on the beach, dinners out to eat and just a lot of snuggles with the kiddies. Here are some pics we took while there.

I have a feeling our girls trips will be pretty laid back and relaxing for the next few years. No crazy sightseeing or anything like that with the girlies in tow. But I am perfectly fine with that with our crazy lives its nice to just relax! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

23 Months Update

Sorry for being 10 days late on this post! I just realized I never did it because I was in NYC when Delainey had her 23 month birthday! I can't believe my little baby is about to be 2 years old. She is such a grown lady these days! I love this age because she is so expressive, but I don't want her to get any bigger! :( Here are the latest stats! (Can't wait for a Dr. appt to see her actual measurements)

Height: about 37 inches
Weight: about 27 pounds
Head Circumference: about 20 inches
Movement: You are mastering the art of moving your fingers. You can hold up 2 fingers and you say I am almost 2 on May 3rd. It's cute to watch you look deeply at your fingers as you try to move them the way you want. We are fully developed in the moving department. You jump of the side of the pool with 2 feet and bend your knees. You take steps/stairs like a pro. And you are a quick little lady!
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are hitting a growth spurt I think. You have been putting down some good amounts of food lately. Breakfast usually consists of some fruit and cereal or pancakes. Lately you have wanted more like a smoothie or raisins as well. The same goes for lunch and dinner. You are loving steak, pork, butter noodles, brocolli, salami, kiwi, pineapple, pickles, and anything dipped in ranch. You are getting about 10 oz of milk throughout the day.
Sleeping Patterns: Paci's are gone and you are back to normal. You usually go to bed around 8:30/9 and you wake up at 8 am on the dot! Naps are usually 1-2 hours and you take them around 1 or 2. Occasionally you will be wide awake in the middle of the night, talk for a few minutes and go right back to bed. You love to hold your piggy and bunny when sleeping since you don't have a paci anymore. Speaking of pack's, you have tried stealing Georgia's paci every now and then but you usually give it back without a fight.
Sounds/Words: You are officially a talker; I would guess on the level of a 3 year old. You can express anything in words and you are constantly paying attention to new things to learn new words and sayings. You are a little sponge. Out of the blue you will say quotes from Nemo or Frozen and it startles me you remember such small details.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You have a new baby cousin named Georgia Rae Griffin
- You love to hold her, kiss her on the forehead, tickle her toes, and get things for Aunt Lala for Georgia whenever she needs them.
-You went to Disney world with Collins, Alicia, & mommy.
-We celebrated baby Weston at his shower and  you will be meeting him soon!
-You rode on the carousel with Gammoe at the zoo
-You saw Disney on Ice with Daddy while Mommy was in NYC.
-You celebrated St. Patrick's Day and made a leprechaun trap. You followed the clues through a scavenger hunt to find Liam the leprechaun's treat he left you.
New Friends I've made: You made a new best friend when Georgia was born. She was born on March 18th and she is such a sweet baby. I can't wait for Delainey and Georgia to grow  up to be best friends.
Places you went/Adventures: You celebrated St. Patrick's day, went to Disney with Collins, the zoo with Gammoe, Disney on Ice with Dady, the hospital to meet Georgia, and a lot of play time with Georgai either at my house or Grammy's. You have been loving the pool lately, now we just need to work on getting your swimming back.
Clothes: You are moving up to 3T sleepers. The 2T are getting a little tight height wise. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-2T, Target- 2T/3T, Carter-2T , Old Navy/Gap- 2T. Size 8 shoe.
You are in a size 5 diaper.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Church "Eggstravaganza" & Last weekends festivities

Last weekend we took Delainey to Gammoe's church for their Easter Eggstravaganza. I wanted to have D do an Easter egg hunt against some other kids since Georgia is too young to give her a run for her money! She was not at all like what I expected. When the kids took off to collect the eggs, D just casually watched everyone run and then walked to pick up a few at a leisurely pace. We are going to have to work on her competitiveness :) There were plenty of nice kids who threw a few out in front for her to get so that was helpful. She ended up collecting about 10 and then we traded them in for a bag of candy.

After the egg hunt, we enjoyed the bounce house, some crafts that explained the true meaning behind Easter, some face painting, cookie decorating, snow cones, and pony rides. It was a lovely little afternoon! Delainey and I have been reading lots of books about Jesus and what Easter is all about and I think she is starting to get it! I can't wait to do some of our Easter traditions this week like dying eggs and making the resurrection rolls with her.

After the Easter party, David and I headed out to my friend Matt Adam's couples shower. We have been friends since 6th grade so it is nice to catch up with him and celebrate his upcoming wedding in Asheville that I will be going to.

The next day we did some spring mini pictures and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Delainey was less than thrilled to sit and smile with so many cool things to look at, but I am hoping there are a few cute ones. I really wanted some good ones of her for her 2 year old pics. I can't believe she will be 2 in almost 2 weeks! AH! Here is a sneak peak the photographer put up of them so far.