Friday, March 27, 2015

Dying Easter Eggs

 This past weekend, we were ahead of the game and decided to dye our easter eggs. I got a Disney princess dye kit and at the time didn't realize it was any different than your normal egg dye. This was actually more of a glitter paint that you squeezed into a bag and rubbed your egg all around. It was made the eggs very sparkly and was much less of a mess than all the water dyes. Winning! Delainey of course loved best picking out which stickers went on each egg. We have an Easter egg hunt schedule for Sunday and we need to make our resurrection rolls as part of our annual easter tradition.

39 Week Bumpdate

This past week has been pretty uneventful as far as Blakely goes, but we have been making the best of our last week or so solo. Our butterflies emerged from their cocoons so we had a nice little adventure of finding flowers and feeding them sugar water. Of course Delainey drank half of the sugar water while watering the flowers. That next morning, we let them go into the wilderness to make some more friends. It was a pretty cool process from caterpillar to butterfly that lasted about 3 weeks. We will definitely be ordering more in the future. 


Friday, David got off of work a little early so we did a family date night in St. Augustine. We let D play at this really cool park down there and then went to dinner at the Conch House and sat in a tiki hut. The weather ended up being really foggy and a little cold, but we still had a good time. 

Here is my 39 week bump pictures:)  
 On Monday I had my check up at the Dr and Delainey finally got to go to an appt with me. She is obsessed with the Dr. We had to let her check her weight, lay on the table, and pee in a cup like mom did. LOL The Dr said this week I was 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced and she stripped my membranes. It caused a little bit of spotting, and once or twice this week I got excited thinking she may come, but of course it was a false alarm. Only 3 days left till the due date so hopefully she will be like her mother and sister and either be early or on time! Please don't be late like those McLaughlin's are haha :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Goodie Bags for my Delivery nurses

Being that this is my second child, I am pretty aware of what the labor & delivery process consists of. I was shocked to see how little the OB actually does as. My nurse with Delainey was phenomenal and I meant to send her a gift afterwards and just completely got too busy and I couldn't remember her name. This time around I have decided to bring gifts with me to give to my main nurses. It can't hurt to give it to them early on either so they treat me with a little extra love and care;) Here are what my goodie bags consisted of:

(don't mind my skirt on the floor in the pic, lol. Clothes pushing against this big belly are not comfy!)
 1. Plastic reusable water bottle 2. drink mixes to fill it with: iced coffee, propel, or chai tea 3. gum 4. chap stick 5. candy: ring pop and jolly ranchers 6. notepad 7. cute pen 8. Starbucks gift card 9. I also added hand sanitizer, but it was not in the picture.

I made these cute little tags on my silhouette cameo and assembled the bags with some jute rope.
Here is the final product. I made 3 bags to be safe. Depending on when I go in to the hospital there could be a shift change (since they change every 12 hours) so I definitely wanted to have 2. I did a 3rd bag as a back up or if there's another nurse helping who I love I could give to them or to the Doctor. I am praying I don't need the 3rd though for a long labor that endures 2 shift changes:) I only had one nurse with Delainey so fingers crossed! 

I think the nurses will be very grateful for a little gift and a few "pick me up" items to get them through a long shift! And again now we just wait on Blakely to make her debut!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

38 Week Bumpdate

I'm not doing the normal monthly bump date, just giving some facts so I can look back at this one day and see how things were at 38 weeks.

-I went to my check up on Tuesday and I am currently 2 cm dilated and 40% effaced.
-Blakely is at a -2 station so some movement, but nothing too promising. The Dr. told me she wouldn't hold her breath for a baby this week.
-My back has been sore and I have some serious shooting pains in my lady region when she pushes her head to hard.
-I have bad acid reflux at night when I lie down and am peeing at least 2-3 times a night.
-I had a day of lots of cramps, but I think it was bc I was dehydrated
-My next appointment is Monday the 23rd. Hoping for more progress then!

Georgia's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Georgia's 1st birthday and the theme was Midnight Train to Georgia. It was a lovely party with a bounce house, train rides, and my personal favorite an ice cream truck. Kelli of course had it decorated to a T and everyone had a great time! 

Delainey felt the need to help Georgia out with her smash cake even though G had no problem digging in!

We had a great day celebrating Georgia with friends and family!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life Lately through the camera roll & St. Patrick's Day

The past 17 days of March have been pretty busy, so sorry for the lack of posts! Mom is in 100% nesting mode which has kept the chores piled up so no time for blogging. Poor David has completely re-lanscaped the front yard, pressure washed the patio, changed the oil in the cars, installed new bathroom faucets in our bathroom, to name a few chores :) I've organized every closet, under every sink, packed all our hospital bags, bought any last minute things I could need, got Easter baskets ready...I'm OCD so to me it's been fun! We've continued with our weekly routine of gym, school, Mom to mom and some shopping trips. 
We went to the mall and D got to see the Easter bunny and get some new Disney PJ's she is obsessed with. 
We sported our new leotard to gymnastics. She looks so old! 

We have been growing caterpillars and are patiently waiting for them to turn into butterflies. Every morning D runs out to see the progress of them.  

 We hit the 38 week mark and have been spending lots of time in the sun lately!
We celebrated Kent's birthday at Melissa's house and D had a blast playing with some new friends Hudson and Emma. 
 We have read lots of books about St. Patrick's Day and leprechauns and made a leprechaun trap yesterday to catch Liam in.

 And today we woke up and ran to see if we caught Liam. He is so sneaky he got away! But he did leave a scavenger hunt for D. She found all the clues which led her to a special surprise of new disney dive sticks and some candy! Better luck next year D! We even ate cereal for breakfast with the milk Liam dyed green! How mischievous!

And Delainey is currently at the zoo with Gammoe! Like I said we have been busy! Happy St. Patty's day everyone and Happy birthday to Aunt Melissa! Also to my favorite niece Georgia, I can't believe she turns 1 tomorrow!!