Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Delainey's First Day of Kindergarten

Monday was Delainey's first day of school. School actually started on Thursday but in kindergarten they break up her class into small groups and send 4-5 kids each day so they can get acclimated with the school and what a day looks like. Delainey's day was Monday and now tomorrow (Wednesday) the entire class will go for the first time. She had a good first day. Her high was lunch LOL I think she just loves being around all the kids and being wild. Plus she can't wait to buy a pizza and a cookie. She's so grown up. :( Well we are praying for a great first year of school and to the graduating class of 2030!

I made this shirt for her to wear the first day of school each year and hopefully by her senior year it will fit her perfectly! Hoping to take all 13 pictures by this gorgeous door too! LOL

 Mrs. Chatfield and her friend Mia (who she played soccer with this past spring)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Last week of Summer Fun

Over the past 7 days we have been so busy! Last Saturday we had an End of Summer Block party for all our neighbors on our street. Part of the deal with using my realtor is that he throws in a catered house warming party. Well I had yet to use it so it was the perfect opportunity to finally cash in and get to know all my neighbors. Luckily, we were really blessed with who lives on our street and we all had a great night. The kids played and swam, we ate delicious food, and stayed up way past our bed times laughing and getting to know each other. 

 Sunday, Kelli, Jeff, Georgia and Ivy officially moved to Orlando. We are all very sad about it, but I am in the denial phase of my grieving. :) Luckily it is only an hour and a half away and they are back every weekend for the next few weeks so it doesn't even seem like they have moved yet. The girls had one last swim before Georgia left and then gave sweet hugs goodbye. Waahhhh! :(
Tuesday we had school orientation and found out one of her friends from soccer was in her class. And then she had a sleepover at Gammoes.
 Wednesday she had a sleepover at Grammy's and got to choose where to go out to eat with Gram and Pops. She chose Carrabbas and got the royal treatment from the chefs since they sat at the table next to the kitchen.
Thursday I took Delainey to a real tea party at Ashes Tea Room and to get her nails painted. She has tea parties all the time at home so she was super excited to actually get to do it at a restaurant. We stopped at store down the street and found amazing tiaras that we just had to buy. :)

 Friday Kelli came back in town so they came over to swim and we cooked out at the house. Georgia had a sleepover and made pancakes Saturday morning with Dave.
Saturday night we went to my cousin Melissa's wedding party. Which was tons of fun and decorated so cute! 

 And Sunday after church we had the 5th grade girls all come over for a back to school pool party. The rain came mid party so we had to come inside and improvise. We entertained 20 girls with an intense game of head up and luckily about 30 minutes later we were able to swim again.

So like I said we have been crazy busy! And Delainey has been spoiled to the high heavens as we were trying to enjoy our last few days with her before she is gone a solid 5 days a week. She had a great first day but I will save that for another post.


Again its Monday and I am just doing my post. We have just been having too much fun! Also there is literally nothing to report as far as infertility goes. I am still on my Lupron shots and will be through Thursday. I have upped my estrogen to 4 pills a day instead of 2 and thats about it! I have an ultrasound Wednesday which is the last hurdle before transfer day. If all looks good Wednesday next Thursday is transfer day! Woohoo! Timing is literally sprinting by and I can't believe how quickly this day has come. Time flies when you are having fun. Delainey started kindergarten today so we are officially on to a new chapter of parenting. I can't believe I have an elementary student Ah! I will do another post with all her pics and stuff as well as the fun we had last week! Keep the prayers coming and hopefully I will be back on Friday with a good report and a transfer time for next Thursday!

Monday, August 7, 2017


Sorry guys! Life has been crazy. We had a neighborhood block party on Saturday at our house and were busy on Friday playing with Collins for her 6th birthday. So I am doing a late fertility post. I will get back on it again weekly I promise!
So over the past 2 weeks I started my lupron shots and stopped my birth control. The birth control was tolerable this time. No extreme outbursts. The lupron however is giving me some serious headaches and hot flashes! I actually looked back at my blog to see if this was normal and apparently it is. Good old amnesia kicks in and I forget all the fun stuff that comes along with these meds. I'll be on these shots for another few weeks so in the mean time I will be walking around with no clothes on popping tylenol. :)
I did have an ultrasound on Wednesday to make sure nothing was going on in my uterus...no cysts, normal lining...and all was well! Blood tests also turned out fine so we are continuing on. I have another ultrasound in a week and a half and as long as that is good, we are doing this transfer on the 24th. I would like to note I weighed in almost 10 pounds heavier than my last transfer! These meds are me so hungry and I definitely haven't been watching what I have been eating these past 2 months! Oh well. So please excuse my before pictures as they are larger than normal. Haha
Got ALL my meds in the mail :)
After my drs appointment, hence the bandaid on my arm from the blood draw. Can we just note how the angle of a picture makes you look so skinny or fat. It is insane that these 2 pics are taken 5 seconds apart because I look so different in them. 

So moral of the story, onward we march towards our transfer day. Less than 3 weeks to go. Time to get those prayers going. And this time I am going to be more specific about my prayers for a baby. Delainey prayed tonight for a baby SOON. Duh why didn't I think of that. I keep just asking God to give Mom another baby. Well I am sure in his timing he will, but boy would I like it to be soon! So my prayer is changing that God would give me a baby from this transfer! Can't hurt to be too specific in our prayers! :) This is our last week of freedom before D starts kindergarten on Monday so hopefully we can squeeze a little more fun! Hope you all have a great week! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Keys Vacation 2017

We are back from our week in the Keys and it was a great trip. Fun, tiring, busy with the kids, lots of boat time, early mornings, late nights, time with friends and family. A great time overall. Here are some of the pics from the week.