Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Disney Cruise 2017 Recap

 A few weeks ago we went on a 3 day Disney cruise with our friends Alicia, Mike, and Collins and we had a blast. We only brought the big girls since the little ones were too young to go to the kids zone. When I booked it 6 months ago I didn't think Blakely would notice or care. She totally would have loved it and I felt so bad leaving her. She is Disney obsessed right now and I think I am actually going to take her to Magic Kingdom next week just the two of us to make up for it :)

Anyways we left on a Friday and were back on Monday morning. Personally it was one day too short for me but with Dave's schedule we will never be able to do longer. The food like last time was still amazing and it was such a relaxing trip only having to deal with the big girls. They swam on their own, went to the kids zone quite a few times, played at the beach, watched some movies in the room, slept in, they were just a real treat. I worked out every morning, had some quiet time, laid out with Alicia while enjoying some drinks, watched every show they had with girls, and enjoyed dinner with just the adults most nights. The highlight of the trip for the girls was the shows and playing detective around the ship trying to solve a mystery from pictures that are animated and give clues. It is actually a really cool part of the cruise. We met all the princesses, got autographs, and did plenty of crafts in the kid zone.

Delainey's favorite part was her cameo as a Dwarf in the show. She loved every second of it! Overall it was a great trip. Too short but lots of fun and next time we are bringing Blakely too!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall Fun & Halloween

Please look at the picture below... this is my life. Several posts planned, but never finished them. Here is about 4 in the next day or so which recap all of November so far. 

The cousins went to the San Juan Del Rio carnival and Delainey and Georgia moved up to some big girl rides. :) 

 The next weekend we went to Mandarin Pres's fall festival where the girls enjoyed a hay ride, bounce house, face paint, and lots of games to play!

Blakely had her own fall festival at her school which she loved!

 Delainey had a literacy parade at school where she dressed up as Belle and we all came to watch. 

 Then we celebrated Halloween! These were all the costumes since Delainey was born. Strawberry, Minnie, Belle, Cinderella, Tinkerbelle, and then this year Rapunzel. Clearly we like Disney princesses :) Blakely has joined in as well and sported an Elsa costume this year. 
 The girls had a blast trick or treating in our new neighborhood. All the kids gathered together and rode on a hayride from house to house. Delainey was in heaven. We followed behind in the golf cart :)

Monday, October 30, 2017

My 33rd Birthday!

This past Saturday, I celebrated my 33rd birthday! It was a nice laid back weekend and it was exactly how I wanted it. On Friday, Dave and I went out to dinner at a restaurant called 13 Gypsies and it was tapas style food. It was phenomenal. I think we honestly tried about 10 things and all of them were delicious! I will definitely be adding this to our date night choices and I have no idea why we waited this long to try it out. After dinner we went to Emily & Will's house to pick up the girls and roast marshmallows by the bonfire. We have finally this past week started getting cool weather and I love it! I have been sporting every sweater and boot I have! :) Saturday we had a vball game, then went to lunch at Palm Valley Outdoors and then went to Jessica & Gregg's to watch the FL vs. GA game. Sunday we had a huge family feast at Marcia's and my parents joined in. It was an insane amount of crab legs we ate!:) I was spoiled rotten and got a new apple watch, new set of pots and pans, and a new blender. All of which I was so excited about. I am clearly in my 30s when asking for new pots and pans for my birthday present LOL! So moral of the story it was a great weekend spent with family and friends.

In addition to my celebrating, I went back to read my blog post on my 32nd birthday. I had just had my first miscarriage 1 month earlier and I was at a low point. I vowed to be a better friend, reach out to others going through similar situations, and live out God's purpose for my life not my own. You can view the post here. I can confidently say that I did a pretty good job of living out those goals. Those goals are lifelong goals that will always need to be worked on but the growth in this past year has been insane.

And by growth, I mean my own spiritual growth. By starting BSF, it forced me to read the Bible. In the past, I thought hearing the messages at church and doing devotions was teaching me plenty so I wasn't missing anything by not actually reading chapters of the bible everyday. Boy was I wrong! 1. It is a fascinating book. More times than not I will read a chapter and then go well what happened after that or before and I end up reading for 30 minutes because they are great stories. 2. It literally is how God speaks to me. I will be having a rough day and on numerous occasions, I open the next chapter I needed to read and several verses addressed what I was struggling with. I have not heard God audibly but it is definitely one of those "Thanks God, or Ouch God" moments.

I have a LONG way to go till I could retell stories of the Bible or recite verses. But I do know that no matter what situation I am going through there is a story of someone who faced the same thing and some advice on how to handle that situation. It provides such hope and reminds you that you can trust in God for everything.  Just like all these women who were blessed with a child after being barren! :)

Did I think when writing my 32nd birthday post, I would include to my story a 2nd miscarriage and a failed frozen transfer attempt, no sure didn't. But I also didn't realize the growth and trust I would gain from God through those struggles. So for my 33rd year I want my spiritual growth to continue, my quiet time with God to become a bigger priority, and my prayer life to grow. I really feel like 33 is going to be all about being a better prayer and who knows maybe God will answer our prayers and grant us with a miracle baby. In the meantime I am waiting for God to tell me where to go next. So basically I am in the waiting. And thats ok because that is where the most growth occurs. Our church message this weekend was all about while in the waiting, Be patient and keep praying! So that is what I am going to do in my 33rd year of life. Can't wait to look back at this post 1 year from now and see how God is moving in my life! :) If you haven't heard the song "Take courage" by Kristine Demarco it is amazing!!! Totally my life song right now!

 I hope you guys are all doing well and I miss posting blogs so I am going to start coming back more often! Talk to you all soon! XOXO

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Life Lately through the camera roll

Hey guys I can't believe it has been over a month since I have done a blog post! I am so sorry! Life got very busy over the past few weeks. Delainey started girl scouts every other week and volleyball at the YMCA twice a week which I am the coach of; BSF started up and Blakely gave up her nap so I now have zero time to do my BSF questions except for at night, I am playing volleyball one day a week and the weekends have just been crazy with traveling and sports and fun fall stuff! So here is a photo dump of all we have been doing over the past month. I am hoping I will be better about posting more frequently! Hope you all are doing well!

Haircuts, gymnastics, volleyball, beach days, Sunday naps, weekend to Orlando for Islands of Adventure and Needtobreathe concert, field trips, boat days, school, bobbing for apples, Bartram Trail half time dance, and Infertility Awarness Hope Walk.