Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6 month (24 weeks) Bumpdate

How far along: 24 Weeks (25 now!)
Gender: Girl! 
Total weight gain: 16 lbs...Feeling pretty good in the weight department. My face is definitely gaining most of the weight! Maybe at some point I can walk or exercise a little, bc my legs are getting soft, but thats the least of my worries :) 
Maternity Clothes:   All maternity clothes these days with the exception of a normal sweater here or there with a long tank under. Being pregnant during winter is the best! You can hide your growing pale body :) I'm loving accessorizing with scarfs and shoes these days. 
Sleep: Doing good. I have started using my wedge pillow for my belly which really seems to help. Lilly hates it though, because now there is no where for her to borrow under the covers. Delainey hasn't been sleeping great so I have had a lot of nights sleeping in her bed for a few hours. Not needing my naps as much though during the day. 
Miss Anything:  Not really! I love weeks have all your energy back and aren't too uncomfortable yet.  I occasionally miss a fun Christmas cocktail, but thats about it! 
Cravings: mainly junk food! My pantry is stocked with junk. I'm loving some cookies, fruit snacks, cereal, and hot chocolates filled with marshmallows! 
Symptoms: Feeling pretty good. Still having some random spotting incidents which is kind of a good thing to remind me to take it easy. I had a routine check up at 23 weeks and her heartbeat is in the 140s and everything looks good. Next visit I have my glucose test so hopefully I pass that! My breathing has gotten worse. I use my inhaler a lot now, but I looked back in my journal when I was pregnant with Delainey and it was around now that it got hard to breathe since she is starting to push against my diaphragm so nothing new.  
Belly Button in or out: It's out! Kelli thinks it is the craziest thing how far it sticks out! haha
Mood: Excited we are moving right along and looking forward to the 3rd trimester. I've been worried about hemmoraging and having to deliver her before she was ready. Only 3 more weeks and the survival rate is 98% so just counting down the days! I also am thinking positively and think my placenta will be moved at my 27 week ultrasound so we will see!! 
Best Moment this month:  Celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoying all the pre-Christmas festivities. I am loving spending some quality time with D before we become a family of 4! 
Looking forward to: Christmas morning with D and in 2 weeks being only 3 months away from my due date! This pregnancy is flying by!! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Disney Christmas trip 2014

*Beware: picture overload!*
This past weekend, as I previously stated, we headed down to Orlando for our annual Disney Christmas trip. This year it included  some family members and it was so much fun!
We headed down late Thursday night to stay at the Gaylord Palms and enjoy a nice dinner out as a family. Delainey was the most well behaved I have ever seen (I talked up dinner as a privilege for her to go on a date with mommy and daddy). The hotel was gorgeous especially at night with all the chirstmas lights hanging in the atrium.

Friday morning we headed to the ICE exhibit at the hotel (which is the main reason I wanted to stay there). Basically it is an entire exhibit carved completely out of colored ice. It was a freezing 9 degrees inside. They gave us parkas to keep warm, but luckily I read some reviews online about how cold it was so I dressed Delainey in her entire ski attire and brought some hats and gloves for Dave & I. It was cool to see and of course Delainey loved the ice slides. She probably rode them 20 times so it made the experience worth it!

 After ICE we headed to another hotel for naps and then went to Mickey's very merry christmas party with Grammy & Pops and Kelli, Jeff & Georgie. Delainey of course loved and it and Georgia was amazed at all that was going on too. It was the best Christmas parade I have ever seen there. The floats gave off different scents which was so cool. Pops pushed me around in a wheelchair since I wasn't supposed to walk long distances with the Placenta Previa. It was actually pretty nice being chauffeured around! It was a cold night, but we dressed appropriately and it made it seem more like Christmas with the cold weather! It was a great night!

 We hung out with our friends Alicia and Collins while we were there which was fun for the girls! They had matching shirts:)

 Georgia even woke up to watch the fireworks and parade. She was a gem, didn't cry one single time!
Saturday morning we headed to breakfast and headed home. That evening we went to a live nativity in Ponte Vedra that we do every year with Gammoe & Dodaddy. It was very crowded, but neat as usual to touch the animals and feel like we are really in bethlehem. 

We had a fantastic weekend! I love all the festivities for Christmas!! Tony, Brandi & the boys get in town on Thursday so we are really excited to finally meet them! I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Off we go to Disney!

Tomorrow we are headed south to Orlando for some Christmas magic at Disney! Last year we took D to disney for the 1st time. It happened to be Mickey's very merry christmas party and she loved it. We are off to experience the christmas party again this Friday. It is 100% a McLaughlin family tradition! Here are some pics from last year...what a little baby she was!

According to the weather app, we will be experiencing some pretty chilly weather so the large jackets will be busted out. Also this year, I'll be chauffeured around in a wheel chair since I'm not supposed to walk that much. I still think it will be great. Kel, Jeff, & Georgia are coming, and so are Grammy & Pops so we will have plenty of hands to corral wild woman Delainey. 

We are headed down tomorrow bc Dave has a conference down there where he needs to take a Dr out to dinner! I was ecstatic to hear that because we finagled a night at the Gaylord Palms and get to do the ICE experience there. It is 9 degrees inside which is so cold, but I think Delainey will love looking at all the sculptures made of ice especially the slides she can ride on. Here are some pics of the Gaylord Palms

We will be back on Saturday and I'm hoping to do a live nativity that night if we aren't too exhausted. I'll be back to post on Sunday with I'm sure a million pictures! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Play date for D and David!

Saturday, we headed out to my friend Maria's hunting property so Dave and Scott could go hunting and Delainey and Parker could run around and play. This property/house is so nice! It's only 30 min from our house which is lovely and we all decided the next time we go we are definitely spending the night. Everyone did some fishing during the day on the lake and then we headed off in the buggy to drive around the property and go see the tractors for the little kids. 

 Delainey was obsessed with the diggers and this pic below just shows how huge these machines were. And what kid doesn't love a massive dirt pile. She ran up that thing so fast. In hindsight, I should have been a little worried about how steep it was on the front side, but of course my little monkey had a ball on it. For sure a mess though!!

The boys went off to hunt, D took a nap, and then the kids played for a little while longer before we had to head home to watch the FSU game (which of course we won again!) Here are some pics of the inside of the house.

Sunday we headed to church, took naps, and then went to pick out our christmas tree. Lesson learned, you must buy your tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Everything was sold so we ended up with the smallest, junkiest tree for way more money than I've ever spent. Oh well D of course loves and it doesn't notice which is all that really matters. Dave and D decorated it today and did the lights on the house so we are officially in Christmas mode!