Monday, December 8, 2014

Play date for D and David!

Saturday, we headed out to my friend Maria's hunting property so Dave and Scott could go hunting and Delainey and Parker could run around and play. This property/house is so nice! It's only 30 min from our house which is lovely and we all decided the next time we go we are definitely spending the night. Everyone did some fishing during the day on the lake and then we headed off in the buggy to drive around the property and go see the tractors for the little kids. 

 Delainey was obsessed with the diggers and this pic below just shows how huge these machines were. And what kid doesn't love a massive dirt pile. She ran up that thing so fast. In hindsight, I should have been a little worried about how steep it was on the front side, but of course my little monkey had a ball on it. For sure a mess though!!

The boys went off to hunt, D took a nap, and then the kids played for a little while longer before we had to head home to watch the FSU game (which of course we won again!) Here are some pics of the inside of the house.

Sunday we headed to church, took naps, and then went to pick out our christmas tree. Lesson learned, you must buy your tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Everything was sold so we ended up with the smallest, junkiest tree for way more money than I've ever spent. Oh well D of course loves and it doesn't notice which is all that really matters. Dave and D decorated it today and did the lights on the house so we are officially in Christmas mode!

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