Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving week recap

We started off the long holiday weekend on Wednesday with some errands and cooking the squash casserole. That evening Dave & I and some friends headed down to St. Augustine to have dinner at the Columbia and look at the Nights of Lights (which has been voted one of the top 10 places to see Christmas lights in the country. It was a lovely chilly night and we had such a good time. 
We took a similar picture 3 years ago with Delainey in my belly in front of the tree :) I'll look for it to compare. I'm 22 weeks here!

Thursday we took our time getting ready in the morning and headed to Gammoes to help cook and have a thanksgiving feast. Delainey even helped roll out the pie crusts and made her own little pie to snack on throughout the day.
By the time we sat down for dinner around 5, Delainey was out for the count. She had skipped her nap with all the fun and commotion so once she hit that comfy high chair she was dead asleep. The food was delicious as always and we had a great time all gathering around the table with my family and Dave's. 
Georgia loved her some Thanksgiving food! It looks like I did too in the picture below. Big momma is starting to pack on some pounds in the face :/ eeekk
Friday, we laid low and decorated the house, minus the christmas tree which we still need to get. Then we headed over to Grammy's for dinner to see Cap & Steph who were in town visiting Melissa & Kent. Of course the night ended with some card games. 

Saturday, we headed to Joe's (Dave's coworker) house to watch the FSU vs UF game with some people from the hospital. Like usual it was another nail biter, but we pulled it off once again. Delainey had an absolute blast over there playing with Joe's 2 daughters who are 4 and 6 years old. 

Sunday, we headed to church and then went to see Mockingjay, the new hunger games movie. It did not disappoint! Now we have to wait another year to finish the 2nd half of the movie...o well I would still recommend to any hunger games fans. I did some Cyber monday shopping and am officially one present from being 100% done for all my shopping. We are back to 3 more weeks of school and normal activities until the next Holiday break comes around! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! We have lots to be thankful for...most importantly Jesus!! 

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