Monday, February 25, 2013


Last Thursday we busted out our new bubble machine. It is awesome!! Delainey didn't know what to think at first, but then she loosened up. Dean loved it!!

42 Weeks & Weekend Recap

Baby D hit 42 weeks and not too much has changed this week. She did sleep till 9:45 on Saturday so that was a highlight of the week! :) She is definitely becoming a toddler. She's learning that whining and crying gets her things. So we are working on teaching her to use her signs to show what she wants, not cry. We are also working on sharing. Lately she has been taking everything from Dean so that has been fun.
This past weekend we headed to the beach to play. Delainey loved crawling around and playing in the sand. I think David had as much fun as D did playing in the sand and building sand castles.
Then later that night we had our couples' supper club. This month we went out to eat since it was the end of the rotation. We will start going to people's houses again next month. Nothing too exciting going on this week. Just the usual babysitting and tutoring. I can't believe it's almost March. Time to buckle down on party planning since it's only 2 months away! Hope everyone has a good week.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

41 Weeks

Delainey hit 41 weeks while we were on vacation so this is a little bit behind. We have definitely hit the separation anxiety stage over the last week or so. She gets scared of new people and cries when I leave her. Last Wednesday she was horrible at Mom to Mom, but this week she seemed to do better so I am hoping this will be a short phase. Otherwise not a ton going on, we are trying to teach her to high five and give kisses. I also taught her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue to show me she is all done chewing. It is hilarious! I will have to get a video of it soon. I think she is starting to mean Mama and Dada when she says it. (Maybe just wishful thinking) Anyways here are a few pics of her at 41 weeks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breckenridge Trip Recap

Warning: Picture Overload!

Thursday morning we headed out to the airport to hop on a plane to Denver. When we arrived to Denver we met up with the rest of the group. The line up included: Me, Dave, & Delainey/ Mom & Dad/ Kelli & Jeff/ Kent & Melissa/ Uncle Gary & Steph/ Paul & Des/ & Megan....14 deep!
This is us on the way to pick up the rental cars & all our luggage! 
After a 2 hour drive in the snow, we finally arrived at our house for the weekend. It was ridiculous how big it was! It had 7 bedrooms (each with it's own bathroom), a basement with a movie theater, wine cellar, pool table & bar, a hot tub, and a huge kitchen. It was amazing! Here are some pics of the even had a great view and backyard.
 Thursday evening, we headed out to pick up our skis and then had dinner at the house. That night we just hung out playing cards and games.
 Friday morning we woke up and suited up to go skiing for the day. Jeff stayed home with Delainey while the rest of us skied. It was a first for Kelli, Mom, & Dad and they did great! We had lunch on the mountain and then half of us headed home to relax while the rest continued skiing.
Des & I relaxed in the hot tub when we got home.
 Friday night we cooked at home and played games & drank. Most of us went to bed early because we were worn out from such a long day of skiing.

THAT'S WHEN IT HIT....It started with David at about 2 am and progressed taking person by person down every few hours. We think it was altitude sickness or some sort of food poisoning, but boy was it bad. It ended up that David, Uncle Gary, Steph, Melissa, Kent, Megan, & Kelli all got it. They were throwing up and pooping all at the same time. (TMI I know) So needless to say Saturday was pretty uneventful because everyone was laid up in bed or by the toilet. The few of us who felt good did make it out of the house for lunch and some shopping in town which was really cute. It was a good thing we got such a sweet house because boy did we use it. I think we watched a good 6 movies down in the theater area and played tons of games of pool and pinball.

Sunday morning came around and majority of the crew was starting to feel better. David & I weren't going to let this sickness keep us from skiing so the 2 of us headed out for the day. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a great time skiing together. I am getting better and was doing the blue slopes with him so I think he enjoyed it much more.
View of the Mountain from the road: 
 View from on top of the Mountain: 
 My attempt at a panoramic view:
Around lunch time, I left David to go ski the black slopes and met up with the family to have lunch at place called Fatty's pizza. When we got home, a few more people were feeling better so we decided to go tubing to make the most of the last day in Breckenridge. It was pretty cool. 
After tubing, we headed back to the house and played in the backyard. We sledded, made snow angels, and threw snowballs at each other. We got Delainey all suited up to play in the snow and she loved it! She went sledding with me and even made her own snow angel. I think playing in the backyard was the highlight of the trip! 

Monday morning we woke up and packed up all our stuff and hit the road to Denver. David's friend from high school, Lindsey, just had a baby 2 weeks ago so we stopped by to see her on the way to the airport. We finally made it home around 11:30 at night. You should have seen the excitement on Delainey's face when she realized we were home. She was fantastic this week, but boy was she thrilled to see all her toys and have free reign of the house. All in all it was a great trip and I am so glad D got to see her first snow and go on her first ski trip. I can't wait till Dave can start teaching her how to ski! It will definitely have to become a McLaughlin family tradition.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breckenridge Bound

What a crazy few days it has been preparing for our trip tomorrow for Breckenridge. I am an OCD planner/list person so I have had a mile long list that I have been checking off all week. I spent a good 2 hours yesterday making baby food for Delainey. I am bringing a lot of pre-packaged foods for when we are out and about, but I would like her to eat semi-healthy when we are at the house so I froze some stuff and will be bringing it along. I also went to target today to buy her some new toys for the plane ride. I am hoping they keep her occupied for the 4 hour trip. We also downloaded Cars 2 the movie on the ipad so if all else fails, hopefully that will work. It definitely seems easier to travel with a newborn especially if you are breastfeeding...all you really needs is diapers, clothes, and your boobies! Anyways I am so excited to go skiing and let Delainey see her first snow! I will post some pics on instagram and facebook throughout the weekend. I will be back in a few days to recap the trip. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

While making her food, she wondered off...this is how I found her; splashing in the toilet and unrolling the toilet paper! Look at the guilty smile :)

D is ready for the snow in Aunt Melissa's ski boots! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby D's new clothing steals!

Delainey is growing so fast and I am starting to worry since she doesn't have much 12 month summer clothes. I know it's only February, but one day it will be 60 degrees and then next it will be 80 degrees and we will be naked in the pool. Here are some items I have recently purchased for her. I can't wait to get them on her!
Bathing suit from Gymboree
Stripe Sailor One-Piece Swimsuit
Gap clothes:
Striped terry dressDot romperNeon skinny jeans
Old Navy clothes:
Jersey Dolman-Sleeve Dresses for BabyPop-Color Skinny Pants for BabyStriped Rosette Tees for babyCuffed Twill Shorts for BabyPatterned Flip-Flops for Baby