Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breckenridge Bound

What a crazy few days it has been preparing for our trip tomorrow for Breckenridge. I am an OCD planner/list person so I have had a mile long list that I have been checking off all week. I spent a good 2 hours yesterday making baby food for Delainey. I am bringing a lot of pre-packaged foods for when we are out and about, but I would like her to eat semi-healthy when we are at the house so I froze some stuff and will be bringing it along. I also went to target today to buy her some new toys for the plane ride. I am hoping they keep her occupied for the 4 hour trip. We also downloaded Cars 2 the movie on the ipad so if all else fails, hopefully that will work. It definitely seems easier to travel with a newborn especially if you are breastfeeding...all you really needs is diapers, clothes, and your boobies! Anyways I am so excited to go skiing and let Delainey see her first snow! I will post some pics on instagram and facebook throughout the weekend. I will be back in a few days to recap the trip. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

While making her food, she wondered off...this is how I found her; splashing in the toilet and unrolling the toilet paper! Look at the guilty smile :)

D is ready for the snow in Aunt Melissa's ski boots! 

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