Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday! We sure did! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had the whole family together! And by whole family I mean: mom, dad, David, Delainey, myself, Kelli, Jeff, Jeff's mom and Dad, David's mom and dad and sister, and Uncle Gary, Steph, Melissa & Kent. Everyone chipped in and cooked a dish or 2. We ended up eating around 5 and everything was delicious. After dinner we played a game called Heads up on the iphone and it was a family feud. The Parsons won, but it was so much fun laughing at each other!

We also had Melissa bring her good camera and take some family pictures of us for Christmas cards. I think she got some really cute ones. Here are some pics I snapped throughout the day.

Today, Kelli and I did a little black Friday shopping. I did majority of it online this year and I am proud to say I have 1 present left and then I am done!! Tomorrow we are having people over to watch the FSU vs. UF game. Hopefully it isn't even a game and we kill them. Then Sunday we are off to DISNEY for Delainey's 1st time!! I am so excited! I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gender Reveals, Friendsgiving, & 4 Wheeling

We had a pretty eventful weekend this week! Dave left on Thursday to go to NYC for a work trip. He was only gone for 2 1/2 days, but we did a lot while he was gone. We started off the holiday season on Thursday by watching Christmas Vacation and drinking hot cocoa out of a Santa mug.

Then Friday, we headed to my friend Erica's gender reveal party. The couple didn't know what it was. It was cool to see their reactions and watch them find out at the same time we did. It's a boy! I was hoping for a girl, but a boy is very fitting for Erica.

Saturday, we got up early and helped Kelli register at Babies R Us for Georgia. They have improved some baby products since Delainey was a baby and boy am I jealous. Hopefully soon, I'll have another reason to buy new baby things! After we did Kel's registry, we headed to our friend Daltyn's 1st birthday party at the park. I had numerous parents comment to me on 1. how much energy Delainey had 2. how smart she is for her age. I guess she's so smart that she's a wild woman who is fearless! After the party, I headed over to our couples supper club at Austin & Erica Knipps. This months theme was Friendsgiving and it was amazing traditional Thanksgiving food!

Today, we headed out to my friend Maria's hunting property. She is in my mom to mom group and always offers for us to hang out or come out there, but it always seems like we are busy. Today we were actually free and got to go see the property. It is a huge property with a beautiful log house, a giant lake you can ski in, a shooting range, and lots of places to go hunting. We took a ride on the 4 wheeler golf cart to tour the property and see everything. It was a lot of fun but boy was it cold! I am sad I didn't take pics of the house bc it honestly was unreal! We will definitely be taking them up on more offers from now on! :) Delainey loved being able to run free!
I can't believe it is Thanksgiving week already! I am so excited to have all the families together for 1 big thanksgiving this year! It should be lots of fun! Hopefully I will be back with a post before, but if not Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are truly blessed!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Jessica's Bridal Shower

This past Saturday I hosted a Bridal shower for one of my best friends, Jessica. The theme was "She's "Fallen" in Love." All of the colors were fall themed. We had lots of pumpkins, leaves, straw, wheat, and anything that was a brown, orange, or gold. Here are some pictures of the decor before people got there. 

Jessica is a pretty fancy girl, so we decorated the table with 3 of Melissa's candelabras from her wedding. The looked great with the mercury glass vases and silver chargers. Of course I could not have put this shower together without Mom and Kelli's help and party decor :)
 The bride and I 
 The 4 bridesmaids and Jessica

The party was definitely a success. Now we are on to the Bachelorette party in Orlando the first weekend of December and then the wedding in February! 1 party down, SEVERAL to go! haha

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty busy week and weekend. Wednesday we celebrated Dodaddy's birthday. 
Friday & Saturday, we helped move Melissa & Kent into their new house and Terri & I also set up for my friend's bridal shower I am hosting this Saturday. We celebrated the move being complete with pizza and champs.
Sunday we did a day trip down to Seaworld with Grammy. I tested out the new monkey "leash" on Delainey and she actually didn't mind it. I felt kind of bad dragging her around, but at a place with so many people I think it's the only safe way to let her run. 
Delainey is definitely at an age where she is in awe of everything. She also is at the age where she is starting to get scared of things which is so funny to me. This time she was not a fan of the dolphins, at least when they were somewhat close to her. The dolphin was doing a stunt where it was half out of the water and she freaked out and held on real tight. I think she is just too smart and realizes things can hurt her these days.

D was finally big enough to play in the huge jungle gym. I followed her around since it was so big! She also did a pretty scary ride with Grammy and liked it so that is good! I see rollercoasters in our future :)
Our last stop for the day was in Antarctica to see the penguins. It is a very cool ride and you literally could touch the penguins they are so close. It is VERY cold though! We didn't have a jacket for D so I put her inside of my shirt. It was so funny! And then of course as we are walking out she peed on me. Haha at least we were on our way to the car! 

Hopefully we can visit Seaworld 1 more time before the end of the year and my pass expires.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

18 Month Update

Height: 35 inches...97%
Weight: 25 pounds...55%
Head Circumference: 19 inches...90%
Movement: I think it is time to get rid of this category. You are running, skipping, climbing, pretty much everything. We are still working on jumping off of both feet together, but other than that your movement is wild and crazy!
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are getting back to your normal self as far as food goes. Maybe you weren't eating well because you were sick. You are loving chicken nuggets, edamame, smoothies, cereal, all fruit, brocolli, applesauce packets (which are really a variety of fruits and vegetables mixed together, candy, chocolate, hotdogs, and our all time favorite corn.
Sleeping Patterns: You are no longer falling out of your bed and are sleeping great. Usually 8:30 pm - 8:30 am. The time change has messed you up a little bit. You are getting up around 7:30 or 8 but hopefully you will adjust soon. You take one nap a day in between 12 and 2 and you sleep for 1-2 hours. You are the easiest ever to put down. You say night night, go find your paci, and lay in bed.
Sounds/Words: Still talking up a storm. Everyone always says how surprised they are you talk so well at only 18 months. You are beginning to talk in short sentences. Your favorites are Dada's working and Emily wake up!  Music is still your fave and you are able to sing the tune to a lot of songs. You sing the first verse, hum the next ones, and finish singing the last verse. New songs are the abc song, happy birthday song (especially to Mama) and you can now count to 10!
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You are no longer falling out of your bed and sleeping again through the night
-You somehow chipped your front tooth, but it is not bad at all. I didn't even notice until Dr. Mary pointed it out.
-You can sing "Happy birthday Mama" and blow out the candles
-You went trick or treating for the first time and LOVED it!
-You dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween
-You played in a huge trough of dried corn, fed cows, and stood on hay bales at the corn maze
-You spent 4 days away from Mommy and Daddy while we were in San Francisco.
New Friends I've made: No specific new friends, you went trick or treating with Collins and some of her friends, and we ran into Dean Bean that night.
Places you went/Adventures: You went to the corn maze in Hilliard, couples supper club at Ashley and Carlton's, the San Juan del Rio fall festival and rode on a few rides by yourself, and celebrated Halloween with some trick or treating.
Clothes: You are in 2T sleepers. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-18-24, Target- 18 months, Carter-18 , Old Navy/Gap- 18-24 (For pants we are up to 24 month)
You are in a size 4 diaper.