Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday! We sure did! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had the whole family together! And by whole family I mean: mom, dad, David, Delainey, myself, Kelli, Jeff, Jeff's mom and Dad, David's mom and dad and sister, and Uncle Gary, Steph, Melissa & Kent. Everyone chipped in and cooked a dish or 2. We ended up eating around 5 and everything was delicious. After dinner we played a game called Heads up on the iphone and it was a family feud. The Parsons won, but it was so much fun laughing at each other!

We also had Melissa bring her good camera and take some family pictures of us for Christmas cards. I think she got some really cute ones. Here are some pics I snapped throughout the day.

Today, Kelli and I did a little black Friday shopping. I did majority of it online this year and I am proud to say I have 1 present left and then I am done!! Tomorrow we are having people over to watch the FSU vs. UF game. Hopefully it isn't even a game and we kill them. Then Sunday we are off to DISNEY for Delainey's 1st time!! I am so excited! I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend!

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