Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gender Reveals, Friendsgiving, & 4 Wheeling

We had a pretty eventful weekend this week! Dave left on Thursday to go to NYC for a work trip. He was only gone for 2 1/2 days, but we did a lot while he was gone. We started off the holiday season on Thursday by watching Christmas Vacation and drinking hot cocoa out of a Santa mug.

Then Friday, we headed to my friend Erica's gender reveal party. The couple didn't know what it was. It was cool to see their reactions and watch them find out at the same time we did. It's a boy! I was hoping for a girl, but a boy is very fitting for Erica.

Saturday, we got up early and helped Kelli register at Babies R Us for Georgia. They have improved some baby products since Delainey was a baby and boy am I jealous. Hopefully soon, I'll have another reason to buy new baby things! After we did Kel's registry, we headed to our friend Daltyn's 1st birthday party at the park. I had numerous parents comment to me on 1. how much energy Delainey had 2. how smart she is for her age. I guess she's so smart that she's a wild woman who is fearless! After the party, I headed over to our couples supper club at Austin & Erica Knipps. This months theme was Friendsgiving and it was amazing traditional Thanksgiving food!

Today, we headed out to my friend Maria's hunting property. She is in my mom to mom group and always offers for us to hang out or come out there, but it always seems like we are busy. Today we were actually free and got to go see the property. It is a huge property with a beautiful log house, a giant lake you can ski in, a shooting range, and lots of places to go hunting. We took a ride on the 4 wheeler golf cart to tour the property and see everything. It was a lot of fun but boy was it cold! I am sad I didn't take pics of the house bc it honestly was unreal! We will definitely be taking them up on more offers from now on! :) Delainey loved being able to run free!
I can't believe it is Thanksgiving week already! I am so excited to have all the families together for 1 big thanksgiving this year! It should be lots of fun! Hopefully I will be back with a post before, but if not Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are truly blessed!

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