Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Key Trip 2013 Recap

Warning: Picture overload.
We headed down to the keys around 6 pm 2 Wednesdays ago. We thought driving at night would be best so Delainey could sleep most of the 7 hour drive. That didn't exactly happen (she slept a total of 2 hours) but did great! We watched a few movies, sang songs, and finished the night with Baby Signing time twice. She was wired when we got there so bedtime didn't happen until 2 am, but I'd rather that than tears in the car. 
 The first few days we went out to lunch at Lazy Days, swam in the pool, and just hung out at the house.

 Saturday we went fishing and caught some Red Snapper. Delainey actually touched the fish.
 Then Sunday we headed to the sand bar and she loved it! Monday the group went fishing and I stayed home with Delainey and Kelli to run some errands and go to lunch.
 Tuesday, we went out scouting for lobster and we brought D along. She took 2 long naps on Grammy and while she was awake she ran around the boat and swam in the water with Steph. She was laughing and having a great time floating and swimming in the ocean. My little waterbug!

Tuesday evening we went out to dinner and had an early night to prepare for our big day of lobstering. 
 Tuesday we were up and at 'em at 3:30 and had our lobster in the boat within 40 minutes of sunrise. I couldn't believe how quickly we were able to get our limit. Between the 2 boats we got 120 lobster over the 2 days. Delainey was scared of the lobsters (I think bc they were still alive and walking). That day we hung out by the pool and had a lobster feast for dinner!

 On Thursday, Uncle Gary chased down a sea turtle and brought it close to us which was awesome.
 I also did my anniversary dive and caught a lobster. It's probably been a good 5 years since I caught one. Not because I can't catch them, I just prefer to be the boat mom and count and measure. Here's the proof I can really do it! haha

 Friday was a low key day of just hanging out at the house and fishing. Dave had quite the set up for fishing.
We headed home Saturday. It was a great trip, but there is no place like home. Especially to have Delainey back in her crib and in another room. I'm glad Delainey enjoyed the Keys so much and can't wait till she can start diving for lobster!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Quick Orlando Trip

On Friday, Delainey and I made a last minute decision to hit up Orlando for the night. Dave had a work meeting there on Saturday morning so he had a room at the Ritz Carlton for Friday night. We decided to take advantage of a free hotel room and have some Mommy & Daughter time in Orlando. After packing real quick, we got on the road around 11 and made our first stop at SeaWorld by 1:30. It was definitely more fun with her at this age. She loved looking at all the animals and her favorite show was "Pets A'hoy" with all the dogs and cats doing cool tricks. She was a little scared in the Wild Arctic ride because it was pretty dark and cold, but we saw most of the animals up so close. Here is her waiting in line and her staring at the polar bear making a grr sound. 

 Then we ventured over to watch the dolphin show, which was in fact more of a flying and diving actors show with some birds and a few dolphins. It was pretty good. Then we watched the sea lion show which was not too exciting so we left. Our last stop was the new Antarctica penguin exhibit which was really cool, but very cold!! D was definitely getting tired by the time we were done with this one so I didn't get any pictures. We really enjoyed our time casually walking around stopping to look at the rollercoasters go by and of course stare at the speakers that were playing music. By about 7 she was exhausted and took a nice little cat nap before I woke her to try some kiddie rides.

We went to the kid's area where she played in the splash pad for a bit before trying out a ride similar to Dumbo. You sit in a jellyfish that takes you up into the air as you fly in circles. She was obsessed with it while waiting in line!

 And then we got on the ride... Not too sure while we were just sitting still, but as soon as we started moving she got very nervous. I sat close to her and she ended up doing good. This is her concerned face on the right. Hopefully one day she will love all the rides and we can go on them together, but not too bad for a 14 month old!

After Seaworld, D & I had a date with each other for dinner at TGIFridays and then headed to the hotel to get ready for bed. (Dave had a dinner for work so we saw him all of 10 minutes the entire 2 days) She was mesmerized with all the cool stuff in the room. She was obsessed with the tiles on the floor.

We had a pretty decent night's sleep with her in her pack n' play. The next morning Dave went to his meeting and gave us permission to indulge so we ordered room service and watched cartoons and had a relaxing morning.

Once we finally got motivated, we headed to Downtown Disney to do some shopping and play. We tried on our first Minnie ears in the World of Disney. I also can't wait to take her to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique one day to get her hair and make up done and be dressed like a princess!

Then we played in the splash park for a bit, went by lego land and built some things for lego car races, went by the Rainforest Cafe to see all the animals in the ceiling, stopped to eat some Italian ice, and made our last stop in the T-Rex restaurant to see all the dinosaurs. It's a pretty cool little area for no cost at all!

After Downtown Disney we headed home, with one quick stop at the Mall of Millenia for a few new clothes! Overall it was a busy but fantastic 2 day little vacation with just D and I. Now we are packing for our next vacation to the Keys for 12 days. We will be leaving Wednesday morning and won't be back till the 27th. So no blog posts while on vacation so I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of July and I will be back with a ton of pics from the Keys. Lobster here we come....yum!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hands on Children's Museum

This past Thursday, Delainey and I went to the hands on children's museum with 2 girls from Mom to Mom. It was a really cool facility, but definitely for a little bit older kids. They have a toddler room with just basic toddler toys like drums and a kitchen, but then they have all types of pretend/play areas. They have a safety area with an ambulance, firetruck, and police car to play in. You can also dress up like a firefighter.

They also have a fake grocery store with all types of pretend foods as well as a belt and register to check out. I felt like I was really in Winn Dixie.

They also have a pretend bank area, a post office, a play area with a slide and ball pit, a vet office, and also a stage where you can dress up and do skits or puppet shows. Delainey wasn't too thrilled with any of those things yet. She did have a good time running around though and playing in the ball pit. I think we are going to wait a little while till we go back, but it's definitely a cool place for a 3-8 year old!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July Fun!

We had a great 4th of July Week! It started the Sunday before at the church. Our church put on a huge concert with musicians that included Matthew West, Plumb, and Michael W Smith to name a few. There were tons of food trucks and bounce houses to play on as well as fireworks to end the night. We had a great time listening to music and playing. Delainey went in her 1st bounce house and had a blast.

On the actual 4th of July, we headed to my friend Erica's house to ride bikes around the beach. There are on average about 10,000 people who ride bikes up and down the beach stopping at party after party. It is crazy! Mom and Dad joined us to ride Delainey around for alittle while before taking her home. David ended up getting called into work so I eventually went home and celebrated the night on the couch :)
Delainey was knocked out on the way back to the car :)

We finished out the 4th week with an engagement party for one of my best friends Jessica. It was at the Casa Marina and we had a great time. We even hit the bar afterwards and had a little dance party! 

The 3 Matrons of Honor
Gregg's Mom and Jess's Mom and the girls
 So as you can see it has been quite the busy week and I apologize for my 10 day hiatus! I will try to do a few more posts before our big keys trip which starts next Wednesday! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!