Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Key Trip 2013 Recap

Warning: Picture overload.
We headed down to the keys around 6 pm 2 Wednesdays ago. We thought driving at night would be best so Delainey could sleep most of the 7 hour drive. That didn't exactly happen (she slept a total of 2 hours) but did great! We watched a few movies, sang songs, and finished the night with Baby Signing time twice. She was wired when we got there so bedtime didn't happen until 2 am, but I'd rather that than tears in the car. 
 The first few days we went out to lunch at Lazy Days, swam in the pool, and just hung out at the house.

 Saturday we went fishing and caught some Red Snapper. Delainey actually touched the fish.
 Then Sunday we headed to the sand bar and she loved it! Monday the group went fishing and I stayed home with Delainey and Kelli to run some errands and go to lunch.
 Tuesday, we went out scouting for lobster and we brought D along. She took 2 long naps on Grammy and while she was awake she ran around the boat and swam in the water with Steph. She was laughing and having a great time floating and swimming in the ocean. My little waterbug!

Tuesday evening we went out to dinner and had an early night to prepare for our big day of lobstering. 
 Tuesday we were up and at 'em at 3:30 and had our lobster in the boat within 40 minutes of sunrise. I couldn't believe how quickly we were able to get our limit. Between the 2 boats we got 120 lobster over the 2 days. Delainey was scared of the lobsters (I think bc they were still alive and walking). That day we hung out by the pool and had a lobster feast for dinner!

 On Thursday, Uncle Gary chased down a sea turtle and brought it close to us which was awesome.
 I also did my anniversary dive and caught a lobster. It's probably been a good 5 years since I caught one. Not because I can't catch them, I just prefer to be the boat mom and count and measure. Here's the proof I can really do it! haha

 Friday was a low key day of just hanging out at the house and fishing. Dave had quite the set up for fishing.
We headed home Saturday. It was a great trip, but there is no place like home. Especially to have Delainey back in her crib and in another room. I'm glad Delainey enjoyed the Keys so much and can't wait till she can start diving for lobster!

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