Saturday, July 26, 2014

Packing & Summer cleaning

This week was mostly spent running errands and packing for our big trip we are taking tomorrow. We head to the keys every year for the mini lobster season. There are usually 10-15 of us crammed in a house that is full of wild card games and drinking, lots of fishing and lobstering, and my favorite meal of the year…fresh lobster and a clam pasta called aglio e olio. This year Dave can't come and we are so sad, but the show must go on. So Grammy, Delainey, and I are hitting the road tomorrow by ourselves! Fingers crossed for a nice calm 7 hour ride with D. 
This week we ran some errands and did some shopping for last minute necessities. (like sunglasses), we shopped at the town center (and of course had to stop at the play area for a bit). It has been so hot here lately that unless we are in the pool, it is unbearable to be outside for more than 10 minutes. Just look at how red D's face in the right picture. 

In the midst of all the packing, I decided to purge the closest and do some organizing. One day was devoted to David's clothes and one day mine. I love a good spring or should I say summer cleaning! Pay special note to the color coating going on of each type of clothing.
 Delainey decided she would help with the cleaning too. And by helping she meant putting on all of my clothes and shoes. Of course she tries on my highest heel boots and gets mad when she can't walk very well. I just had to snap a pic of this lovely sight! haha

Today we enjoyed our last day with Dad before we leave. We had breakfast at Beach Diner, went to the pool, and had dinner at the house with Jeff, Kelli & Georgia! Tomorrow we are off to the keys in the morning and will be there until next Saturday night. I won't be able to do a blog post till we are back so make sure you follow me on instagram to see what's been going on during the week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Showers & Parties Galore

I am just getting home from my last shower this week and boy am I partied out! Today was nice because I didn't have Delainey with me to chase around. I love having her with me, but it is tough to go to someone else's house where I just constantly feel like I am saying, no don't touch that or come sit down please. She is just an adventurous child who loves to explore; I can't blame her for that.
Anyways here is a replay of this week's activities.
Monday we just laid low at the house and played. Tuesday I had to tutor all day so Grammy watched D. Wednesday we went to our first movie of the summer for the $1 movie specials. We watched Madagascar 3 and D loved it! It was a madhouse so we had to sit in the front row, but she enjoyed eating her popcorn and watching the movie on the big screen. Then that afternoon we to my friend Casey's baby shower. I have grown up with Casey since like age 8, played volleyball with her in high school, and then coached Bartram Trail volleyball with her a few years ago. She is having her first baby so all the volleyball girls got together to give her a shower. It was great to see all my old players and bring D to meet them all since she was in my stomach when I was coaching.

Thursday, we headed to San Marco to have lunch as Maple Street Biscuit Company. By far the best biscuits I have ever tasted. We got "The Five" which is a biscuit with fried chicken breast covered in cheese and bacon all smothered in sausage gravy. Heaven! Kelli and Mom had never been there so we needed to let them experience it before they go back to school in 2 1/2 weeks. D had a blast running around the San Marco fountains and statue area too so that was a plus!

That afternoon, Gammoe treated me and Paige to a manicure and pedicure while her and Collier watched D. I'm so lucky, she spoils me so much! Paige and I got a little wild with our manicures and did an accent finger to change it up. I kind of like it! I really love the striped accent nail, but they charge more for that!

 Friday, we went to the beach and D made a friend named Malachi (of course she did, she makes friends everywhere). He was especially fascinated by our fish I caught in D's little net. Trust me it was no easy task to catch one of those little suckers. I was very proud of myself! haha

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Bay & Bee for Tristan's birthday party. Tristan is my friend Michele's son who is in Mom to Mom with us. The place was really cool. It was all wood toys and organic products that they could run around and play with. D of course was the wildest kid there! We had a really good time and ended the night with Chick-fil-a with Maria & Parker.

 Today we headed to church and then I went to my friend Stephanie's baby shower. Her husband is filipino so the highlight of the party to me was the fresh made lumpia! There were lots of people there and it was pretty hot so we weren't there too long. She got TONS of gifts so mission accomplished for a baby shower!:)

This is our last full week of summer in Jax so we need to take advantage! Next week we will be gone in the keys for the week and the following week starts me watching Georgia 5 days a week! Ah where did the summer go! I hope everyone had as good of a week as we did!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another busy week is in the books

We have had a busy week again that included lots of free deals and family in town. We did lots of swimming at Grammy's, story time at the library, art time at the house (which we haven't quite mastered painting too well, but boy does she love some play-doh), and some quality time with Aunt Linda and Mary Beth who were in town for the weekend.
 On Friday, it was cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a and everyone who dressed like a cow got a free meal. It was a mad house at Chick-fil-a but, Delainey had a good time!

 After lunch, we headed to 7 Eleven to get a free slurpee. The gas station we went to has a train track right behind it so we watched the trains go by while enjoying our slurpees.

 Friday night and Saturday night were spent at Gammoe's spending time with family. Delainey loved having so many people to play with her and cuddle.

Another busy week is upon us. Tutoring, 2 baby showers, a birthday party, and some swim time in the midst of it all. I hope everyone had a great week!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July & Birthday to Pops!

We had a lovely long weekend celebrating America's independence as well as my Dad's 57th birthday! Friday, we dropped off D at Grammy's for an adults day out on the boat. David & I headed out, with Melissa & Kent, Emily, Erica, Amanda, & Brett. We headed to Ft. George island sandbar and met up with 3 other boats full of people. We had a lovely day just floating in the water, playing some corn hole, and drinking. After the boat, we headed home to have dinner and do fireworks with Delainey. Of course like her pyro father, she was obsessed with them. Thanks to pinterest for this lovely idea to protect your hand from the sparks when doing sparklers. The mama bear instinct kicked in with the fireworks. They definitely scare me that D could get hurt so we mostly did smoke bombs haha.
Saturday, we ran some errands and then went out to Jessica & Gregg's house for a cookout. We brought a slip n' slide to keep D occupied. She didn't really get the concept on sliding on her belly, but she loved running through it! Gregg smoked some delicious BBQ and then we headed home for bedtime.
 Today we celebrated my Dad's 57th birthday even though his real birthday was yesterday. We went to church then cooked out at the house. Kelli got him a volleyball net for the pool so everyone had so much fun getting a little competitive across the volleyball net. My parents' pool was built specifically for volleyball… both ends are shallow, but we never have seemed to play. It was a lot of fun so I'm hoping the pool vball games continue! After pool fun and naps, we headed to see Gammoe & Dodaddy who just came back in town. They brought with them Delainey's cousin, Collier and D has found a new best friend! (and I have a new babysitter for the week! :) She dragged Collier everywhere she went and had a blast playing with her. She is obsessed with older kids who will pay her any attention!
Overall it was a great week spent with lots of fun and family time. Back to the birthday... I would like to state that I have the best Dad in the entire world and I wish he would not get any older so he could be around forever! D loves to play with him and he is always there for us when we need him! I hope he had a great birthday! On another note, it was my Bumpa's birthday on July 4th (my grandpa who died about 10 years ago) I miss him so much, and know he would be obsessed with Delainey! I feel like I have a piece of him still around because my Dad is slowly turning into him so that is the next best thing to him actually being here! Happy birthday Dad and Bumpa! We love you dearly!