Saturday, July 26, 2014

Packing & Summer cleaning

This week was mostly spent running errands and packing for our big trip we are taking tomorrow. We head to the keys every year for the mini lobster season. There are usually 10-15 of us crammed in a house that is full of wild card games and drinking, lots of fishing and lobstering, and my favorite meal of the year…fresh lobster and a clam pasta called aglio e olio. This year Dave can't come and we are so sad, but the show must go on. So Grammy, Delainey, and I are hitting the road tomorrow by ourselves! Fingers crossed for a nice calm 7 hour ride with D. 
This week we ran some errands and did some shopping for last minute necessities. (like sunglasses), we shopped at the town center (and of course had to stop at the play area for a bit). It has been so hot here lately that unless we are in the pool, it is unbearable to be outside for more than 10 minutes. Just look at how red D's face in the right picture. 

In the midst of all the packing, I decided to purge the closest and do some organizing. One day was devoted to David's clothes and one day mine. I love a good spring or should I say summer cleaning! Pay special note to the color coating going on of each type of clothing.
 Delainey decided she would help with the cleaning too. And by helping she meant putting on all of my clothes and shoes. Of course she tries on my highest heel boots and gets mad when she can't walk very well. I just had to snap a pic of this lovely sight! haha

Today we enjoyed our last day with Dad before we leave. We had breakfast at Beach Diner, went to the pool, and had dinner at the house with Jeff, Kelli & Georgia! Tomorrow we are off to the keys in the morning and will be there until next Saturday night. I won't be able to do a blog post till we are back so make sure you follow me on instagram to see what's been going on during the week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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