Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blakely's 15 Month Update

Height: 30 3/4 inches - 58%
Weight: 22 lb 13 oz - 72%
Head Circumference: 18 3/4 in - 91%
Movement: God Bless America, you are a full-time walker! Literally as soon as I did your 14 month post, you decided you were over the crawling and started walking everywhere. Your walking gets better each day and you are pretty good now. We still squat down and climb in out of steps feet first, but I am ok with that...better safe than sorry. You love crawling up stairs, but we haven't worked much on getting down the stairs. We are practicing that at My gym.
Eating Habits/New Foods: Well it's a sad day for you B! Dr. Mary told me its time for the bottle to go bye bye. I tried today to give you milk in a sippy cup and you weren't having it. I'm going to wait till after our trip to Cashiers before I take it away. You are very fickle with your food these days, one day you will eat 30 blueberries and the next day you spit them out and try to throw them on the floor. Things you are currently liking are pretzels, snack mix (Really just the m&m's), graham crackers, salami, pirates booty, pineapple, watermelon, yogurt. cucumbers, corn.
Sleeping Patterns: You are sleeping through the night with an occasional wake for tylenol and some milk since these top teeth are still pushing through. We've been switching between 1 and 2 naps, but on days when you have 2 naps you are up till 9 pm. I think it's time to go just to 1 and have an early bed time.
Sounds/Words: You can do the help sign now as well as the airplane, frog & fish sign. Your new favorite sign which we see often is treat. Gram spoils you with chocolate and you know how to rope her in with your signing ;). You sure talk a lot, the problem is we can't understand 95% of it. It literally sounds like you are giving a lecture in gibberish haha. New words are baby, night night, ouch, pa pa, moo, neigh, meow, ribbit, and lots of other noises that you repeat after me.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You got your top two side teeth are coming through
-You are a talking maniac. See above for all the words or my instagram for a video.
-You can walk and climb anywhere. When I chase you, you try to run, but it is just the same speed walk with a hurried facial expression. LOL
-You are LOUD! You yell, scream, talk loud, laugh loud. You are just a loud lady. I wonder where that came from. haha
-You are a great traveler in the car. You sleep, watch movies with your sis, and just lay back in relax majority of the time!
-You went tubing for the first time and loved it!
-You have the meanest scowl on the planet when you don't like something. It's hilarious!
Places you went/Adventures: Your big adventure this month was going to Lake Oconee for a week with the entire family. We swam, boated, went to the Georgia Aquarium, visited Athens, and explored the town of Oconee. Then the twins came home and lived with us for another week which was an adventure in itself. 4 kids under 4 is a treat! You also took a overnight trip to West Palm beach with D and Mom. There have been lots of days spent swimming i Gram's pool. We also celebrated retirement with a surprise party. Life is nice, now that you are walking everywhere!
Clothes: You are in 18-24 mont clothes for the most part. PJ's are either 18-24 or 2T (which are big but  at least you have room to grow. You are still in a size 5 diaper. Size 4 shoe
Sister updates: You and sis have been great together. Maybe because things have been so busy and crazy lately there hasn't been time to fight, but I love seeing you all together. Nothing made me smile more than to be on a girls road trip and look back at my two favorite girls laughing and giggling together at a movie while Delainey is handing you her pretzels one at a time! So sweet! I know it will not be like this forever so I am cherishing it while I can! :)

Friday, June 24, 2016


Here we go! Shots have started and these are honestly no big deal. It's such a small amount and small needle that it doesn't even really bother me. So far we are good as far as the bruising goes. No real marks on the belly. Where I give myself the shots, I am a little sore but nothing too painful. Here is my before pictures. I did a side view so we can compare how bloated I get as I continue on this journey. 

 My nightly routine, with an added baby aspirin and prenatal vitamin. 

The highlight of my week was getting a letter from my insurance saying my shots I am currently taking were in fact approved by insurance. I got a letter last week saying it wasn't (which I figured) so I paid out of pocket. They are reimbursing me almost $400. Woohoo!!! That's a lovely surprise.

I stop my birth control tomorrow which is glorious! Can't wait. I also have an ultrasound on Tuesday to make sure my uterus looks good to continue with this process. If so, shots continue like usual. We have a pretty low key weekend just hanging out. I'll be back next week to let you know how it goes. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Weeks Happenings

We had quite the busy week last week.  Delainey attended Vacation Bible School everyday and loved every second of it. She learned lots of good bible stories, made tons of crafts, had snacks and had recreation time each day. Meanwhile while she was away, I had dr. appointments galore. Monday, I had my trial transfer for my FET and then had a bunch of breathing tests done in this lovely box below.  My asthma from my dog allergy has gotten out of control. Tuesday I actually met with the Dr. and she put me on some inhaled steroids so hopefully I will be able to breathe normal again. 

We spent lots of days this week in the pool. The twins were here all week still so it was a madhouse with 4 kids running around.
 At one point, I didn't know where D was in all commotion and out of her bathroom she walked looking like this. HAHA she did her own makeup and thought she looked beautiful! :) Blake is getting so big and walking around like a grown lady these days!

 More pool time which consisted of minimal clothes. LOL I really need to crack the whip on them being dressed while swimming.

Friday, Dave took Delainey on a daddy daughter date to Finding Dory and dinner. She loved every second of her fancy date.
 Saturday I attended a grade school friends baby shower. She lives in Tallahassee so I was so glad to see her and her precious baby bump. It will be her first child and I can't wait to meet him. After Andrea's shower I headed to Tracie's gender reveal party and found out she is having a girl! Babies are everywhere and I'm hoping I'll be joining the pack in the next month or so!!
This week is busy again! Delainey is doing another VBS, we are taking a overnight trip to West Palm to go see some friends, and I'm meeting my friend Krista to help with her baby registry! I hope you all had a good weekend! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I am happy to report I had a good week and everyone is alive and accounted for. Haha! No but seriously I did have a pretty good week as far as fertility goes. I had my trial transfer on Monday and everything looks good. He just squeezes in some dye and looks at an ultrasound to watch the dye move through. Dr. Brown even commented that "I have a great uterus for twins." LOL  I did have to wait for over an hour for him to come in, which drives me nutso. I swear I could go in there and run that office so much more efficiently. It's a good thing he is such an awesome Dr. or I may go somewhere else just for some promptness. Here was a pic of me waiting and waiting in the room.

As far as birth control goes, it hasn't been too bad. There is definitely some internal battles I have had with myself since I am trying not to be crazy. One conversation went like, "David better take Delainey out on a date this weekend. He hasn't seen her in forever." "Just relax Jamie and let them do whatever they want together." "No I have this great church lock in that will be so much fun for D." "Ya D will love it, but what about David. Would you want to go hang out with a bunch of strangers." ....... something like that haha! I will have you know my kinder side gave in and they are going to dinner in a movie instead of me making him take her to a lock in. Another side effect has been crying. If I see or hear something loving or sad, I  have to hold back the tears. The most noticeable side effect has been the hot flashes. I woke up dripping wet last night and had to change shirts. It's worst at night.

I received my shots in the mail and we are good to go starting Sunday. One shot a day for 27 days. This one is actually not the bad one from what I hear. I will take a before and after pic just so you can see how bruised and swollen my belly gets. I hope everyone has a good weekend and celebrates all the father's in their lives!! I know I am blessed with a fantastic Father, Husband, and Father-in-law!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lake House Vacation Recap

We had a lovely week at Lake Oconee filled with lots of noise, games of tag, naked heinys, games of farkle, wine, more wine lol, sun, boating, pools, trips to Atlanta and Athens, group baths and daily trips to publix to feed these maniacs. Definitely a trip to remember, but we were glad to get home and get back to our routines. Here is a rundown of the week through the camera roll. 

 Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

 Ritz  Carlton Lake Oconee

 Dairy Queen Treats

Friday, June 10, 2016


It has officially begun!! My 2 months of fun in hopes for a baby has commenced and the birth control started on Sunday. The timing of it all has actually worked out in my favor. We have been on vacation all week so I haven't noticed too much hormonally as far as mood swings go since I've been so busy. It's crazy that a pill the size of a pencil eraser can effect you so much.  I do have less patience with the girls, but that could also be due to 6 little maniacs running around the house like wild banshees. We are headed home tomorrow so we will see if its the hormones or just the lack of sleep and peace and quiet that has made me a little more irritable. I have noticed some hot flashes, but that is nothing new and will be a common thing over the next 2 months. There could be worse things. Really I only have 2 weeks left of birth control so hopefully this time will be much better than last time since I am aware of the moodiness and trying stop it before I take it out on poor Dave.

I also have my trial transfer on Monday to make sure my uterus looks good and everything is a go! They put a dye in that is viewed by X-rays to check your tubes and uterus to make sure their are no cysts or issues that could prevent you from getting pregnant. Prayers that everything looks good on Monday would be appreciated. Other than that we are full steam ahead! It's crazy it's already go time. I'm ordering my meds this week and shots should commence on Father's Day. I'll let you all know how my trial transfer goes next Friday and in the mean time, please pray my hormones are not out of whack and I don't kill my husband or kids. LOL No but seriously ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

From Rags to Riches

Haha please forgive my title of this post, but I thought it was fitting since my first picture is us eating on a floor in an empty house and the last picture is us at a gorgeous 5 bedroom house on Lake Oconee. 
We said one last farewell to our house on Sweetbrier Branch as a family with a little pizza picnic on the floor. Dave went and said bye to every room and reminised about all the good memories we made here. It was sad :(  Closing is this Friday so hopefully all will go smoothly and we will be home free for a few months. 

 Just thought I'd include a little glimpse into one of our storage units, so you have an idea at all the junk we have and had to move. The other one is full of furniture and looks much neater. I promise.
 Saturday, we drove up to Lake Oconee about an hour outside of Atlanta for a week long family trip. My girlies did so great on the 5 hour car ride. Gems I tell you. It is quite the madhouse with all 6 cousins running around. We really cherish the hours past 8 pm so we can enjoy some peach and quiet. LOL The house is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to a day on the boat and some tubing. We are also going to be making a trip in to Atlanta for the Georgia Aquarium. Here's just a little snippet of life here.

 Our cousins Sam & Gillie came over for the evening to see everyone since they live so close.