Friday, June 24, 2016


Here we go! Shots have started and these are honestly no big deal. It's such a small amount and small needle that it doesn't even really bother me. So far we are good as far as the bruising goes. No real marks on the belly. Where I give myself the shots, I am a little sore but nothing too painful. Here is my before pictures. I did a side view so we can compare how bloated I get as I continue on this journey. 

 My nightly routine, with an added baby aspirin and prenatal vitamin. 

The highlight of my week was getting a letter from my insurance saying my shots I am currently taking were in fact approved by insurance. I got a letter last week saying it wasn't (which I figured) so I paid out of pocket. They are reimbursing me almost $400. Woohoo!!! That's a lovely surprise.

I stop my birth control tomorrow which is glorious! Can't wait. I also have an ultrasound on Tuesday to make sure my uterus looks good to continue with this process. If so, shots continue like usual. We have a pretty low key weekend just hanging out. I'll be back next week to let you know how it goes. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

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