Sunday, February 26, 2017

I bought a Van!

For those of you on Instagram, this is not new news to you. But I made the dive into being an official Mom and bought a mini van. My car was literally dying each time I drove it so instead of being able to hold out to see how this whole IVF round goes, I had to make an executive decision and buy a new car now. I was torn between the suburban and the Honda Odyssey. If by the grace of God I ever end up with twins, the van was the only option. Not to mention much more practical financially, space wise, gas wise....there were just too many pros to not buy the van. So thats what we got! I am actually really liking it and its so easy to pop the doors open from the front, let them hop in and buckle themselves. So that was my Monday!

Blakely got a little fever on Tuesday/Wednesday so we laid low on those days with the exception of swim lessons. We still do that every day rain or shine lol. She is actually doing really well and fingers crossed she may be done with lessons after next week. Only problem is I am going to have to get in and practice with her at our pool and it is still way to cold for my blood.

We also had a last minute mini picture session done with the girls that I am waiting to get the pictures  back. I am hoping to use them as their 2 year old and 5 year old Birthday pics. Can't believe we are 1 month from having a 2 year old. Such a big girl! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017


I am so sorry I forgot about my Friday post! We went out on the boat today and afterwards we dropped it at my Moms and she mentioned how I was too busy to do my blog post. I said Oh my gosh I completely forgot it was Friday yesterday lol. So here we are with an update on Saturday. Whoops!

It was a good week in the fertility world. Number 1 because I stopped taking birth control on Saturday and boy did I need to get off it. The last week it must have really been absorbing in my body or finally the amount stored in me was a lot, I'm not sure, but I was kookoobaloo! The kids were getting yelled at way too much (my patience level was 0). Dave couldn't do anything right, I wanted him to finish projects at the house, but I wanted him to hang out with us. I was just all over the place. Within a day of stopping it I felt much better! So yea for no more birth control!

Thursday I had my first blood draw and ultrasound to make sure my body was doing what it was supposed to...which is nothing. No cysts, good uterine lining, normal progesterone and estrogen levels so we are good to keep going! I had to bring Blakely to that appointment which was a treat, but I like bringing her so people in the waiting room can feel hopeful knowing it actually can work! She did surprisingly well since it took over an hour. Just kept wanting to touch the ultrasound machine LOL. Maybe next time I'll bring big sis to help corral her. We took 100 selfies to keep her busy looking at herself :)

This next week there is not much new. Keep on doing the Lupron shots and just add in an estrogen pill twice a day. I am so excited that this upcoming week is the beginning of March! So crazy how fast time is flying. When I scheduled this the first week of January March seemed so far away and now I feel like sheesh it is already here Let me get in my last few sips of wine, hardcore workouts, and all the deli meat subs I can. Haha Big Momma is definitely putting on some weight. I am not sure which meds are causing it but I am hungry all the time. I also have been getting bad headaches from the Lupron, but nothing unbearable. I'll do a stomach pic update next week so you can see the bruises starting to form as well as how quickly I am gaining weight. Until next Friday I hope you all have a good week. Xoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2017


So as there is not much to report this week, I would like to start off by saying isn't God's timing just perfect?!? I mean who would have thought when experiencing my miscarriage I would actually be praising God and thanking him for his perfect timing. Well I have hit that place! Today I looked down at my almost 2 maniac child so exhausted and exasperated that I said Thank you Lord I am not 8 months pregnant and about to have another child in just 2 short months! What??? Obviously I would have figured it out, but God knew I needed my kids spaced out a little more. He knew I needed special time with Blakely as she goes through her terrible 2's (which are really terrible 1 1/2 to 2 1/2). So though not easy to grasp in the midst of the miscarriage, I am here today to say his timing is ALWAYS perfect! Don't ever forget it if you are in a time of waiting. You will 100% understand why he made you wait in hindsight. 

Back to infertility business. The birth control hasn't been to bad with the exception of me having less patience with the kids. I have yelled at them a time or two and then quickly apologized and said I'm sorry for yelling this is not Mommy talking it's the hormones. LOL Dave didn't even know I was on birth control so that is a plus!! I must not be that bad. I stop the birth control on Saturday. Woohoo! :) 

Other than that I have been doing my Lupron shots in the stomach once a night and popping my thousand pills. I think it's the birth control but something is making me so hungry. No wonder they say you gain an average of 10 pounds through it all. I did a little video of myself taking the Lupron shot, so here you go! 

Next week I have an ultrasound to make sure there are no cysts and my hormone levels are all good. Thanks for your continued prayers and I hope you all have a good weekend. We don't have any big plans and I am thrilled about just laying low! :) 

Jessica's Baby Shower

Last Sunday we celebrated Jessica and Baby Banks who is scheduled to arrive on March 29th! Jessica had a rough 2015 and lost twin boys to TTTS which is Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Basically with identical twins, one twin takes all the nutrients from the other and both are at risk for survival. The outcome was something I wouldn't wish upon anyone and although she ended up with no child after a long 7 week fight, God has redeemed her and is blessing her with another baby Boy. Whose name is Banks Walker Braswell, named after his twin brothers Banks and Walker. I am so glad Jessica is finally here and can't wait for her to experience motherhood. She has designed his nursery to be a woodsy/lumberjack theme. So of course we took the theme and ran with it. The shower was held at Coopers Hawk and turned out so well! Here are some pictures from the day.
The Mama to be and all the hostesses

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Hey Guys! Sorry it hasn't taken me all day to post this, but House work was calling. I am actually just getting into bed and it's already 12:45 am. Anyways we had a busy day at the house because our laundry room cabinets were installed. Then we went and picked out some butcher block countertops and Dave installed 2 of the 3. We are still waiting on the sink to arrive before we do the last one. I was so excited to finally empty my last few boxes!! Here's a pic midway through the install.
Anyways back to infertility Friday. There isn't a whole lot to report this week. Birth control has been okay. Not horrible but not great! I have caught myself a time or 2 yelling at the kids and then having to apologize because it's just the hormones talking lol. I have noticed that it is making me so hungry though! I don't remember that. I better get back to the gym next week! :) Wednesday I went to the doctor for a trial transfer. Basically to make sure the catheter will insert fine and that everything looks good. It was way more painful then I remember. Maybe I had some scar tissue in there from my D&C, but not enough to block it so we are full steam ahead. 
 My dear dear friend the ultrasound machine :) I really need to start taking selfies instead lol 
 Fun little story while I was at Dr. Brown's waiting a couple with a film crew walked out of the office. I asked what that was about and apparently they are from the TLC show Breaking Amish and are doing IVF with Dr. Brown so he will be on TV in May. Maybe I'll make a cameo somehow?!

I start my Lupron shots on Sunday. Well hopefully. It has been a miserable week trying to get my meds called in to the right place and since I am going through insurance this time, they need all types of pre approvals. I am pretty sure it was all worked out by 2 pm today and should arrive tomorrow. Getting these meds was more stressful than the actual FET itself. I think my dr.'s office thinks I am crazy too since I called so many times making sure they were following up. So it's time for a few before tummy shots so we can see how lumpy, bloated, and bruised I get. That's ok it will all be worth it in the end. I can't believe it's already time for shots again. I feel like the past 6 months have flown by!! I am excited to be back in it all with lots of other things happening so it isn't life consuming. I hope you guys have a good weekend! We have a birthday party tomorrow at a trampoline park for one of Delainey's friends than Jessica's baby shower on Sunday!! Lots of stuff going on! Talk to you all soon!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Charleston 10 Year Anniversary Getaway

This past weekend Dave & I had a weekend getaway to celebrate our 10 Year wedding anniversary. Basically all we did was eat for 3 days straight LOL but it was all so delicious!! We stayed at the Belmond Charleston Place which was a very nice hotel in a great location. My favorite part of the hotel was the indoor pool and spa. Friday when we arrived we checked into the hotel and then went to have some drinks at the Pavilion rooftop bar. The weather was so nice out. We walked around the straw market, hit up Pearlz Oyster Bar for some amazing peel & eat shrimp and oysters, then went to 5 Church for some Charcutterie. We headed home to change and then had dinner at Cypress which was amazing! The restaurant was very cool and the food was amazing! A must go to if you like wine. They had the biggest wine cellar I have ever seen.  We celebrated by drinking some champs out of our toasting flutes from our wedding. So proud I still had them! 
Saturday morning we went for an early morning swim and did my bible study in the sauna. We headed to lunch at a restaurant called Husk and the shrimp & grits were amazing. It was similar to a farm to table restaurant with the menu changing twice a day. I about died over the buttermilk rolls and butter made with pork lard! Heaven! After lunch we shopped around some and then came home to take afternoon naps before dinner. Dinner was at Hank's Seafood and the cucumber martini was so delicious. My scallops were great too. We went to bed early Saturday night. We are so old. 

Then Sunday we went to Hall's Chophouse for their Sunday Gospel Brunch. I had the best prime rib eggs benedict I have ever tasted in my entire life. The music was a nice added touch, especially since we missed church Sunday. After Brunch we headed home to see the girls. It was very nice to get away just the 2 of us, but of course we missed the girls and hurried home as soon as possible! All the restaurants were amazing so if anyone heads to Charleston soon they must go to Husk, Cypress, Pearlz, Hall's, & Hank's. Back to the gym I go to burn off the 15 lbs I gained this weekend :)

Thursday, February 2, 2017


They are back! Time for our weekly updates on all things baby/infertility related. Unfortunately no miracles occurred between my miscarriage and now so we are getting back on the IVF horse. And by miracle I mean a baby naturally. Lots of spiritual growth has occurred though for me so that has been amazing! I am obsessed with my BSF bible study class and am learning so much! I feel like I'm back in college learning all about the Bible and Jesus. Anyways back to infertility business.

The onset of my period yesterday meant it was time to start on my birth control. Luckily I only have to take it for 2 1/2 weeks this time so hopefully it won't be too bad. Hopefully the kids will be on their best behavior and Dave will be working a lot so I don't have any reason to lose my cool. I didn't go as crazy last time so hopefully this time will be the same. Estrogen and I are just not great friends when I have too much of it! :)

Also in preparation for my Frozen Embryo Transfer in March,  I have to do a trial transfer next week to make sure my uterus looks good. Basically a precaution to make sure the catheter goes in well and the uterine lining looks good so the egg will adhere. Should be a quick little procedure but just one step closer to our end result...transferring on March 17th. I have heard of cycles being canceled because of bad uterine lining and other things so I don't want to get my hopes up too soon. Just trying to set small goals to help with the stress.

I am contemplating putting this on Facebook so others can follow along. I am worried if things don't go well everyone will know which is not easy. But on the other hand if things go poorly, I will have extra support and encouragement through it. I feel like I am bargaining with God when deciding on what to do. Maybe if I don't share my journey things will work out. If I do share my journey, things won't and an example will be made out of me. Isn't that so ridiculous. Whether I blog my journey or not, God already knows the outcome of this IVF cycle and that outcome has a purpose for my life. That's what I am holding on to throughout this. If it is meant to be it will be and it is all in HIS timing. Of course I appreciate your prayers for success though throughout it all. Thanks guys and I look forward to doing this again with you all!

Dave & I are off to Charleston tomorrow for a weekend getaway to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary! SO crazy we have been married for 10 years. It has been amazing and I wouldn't change even 1 day of the past 10 years. So grateful that I get to do life with him. Be back next week with a recap of the weekend! Xoxo