Sunday, February 26, 2017

I bought a Van!

For those of you on Instagram, this is not new news to you. But I made the dive into being an official Mom and bought a mini van. My car was literally dying each time I drove it so instead of being able to hold out to see how this whole IVF round goes, I had to make an executive decision and buy a new car now. I was torn between the suburban and the Honda Odyssey. If by the grace of God I ever end up with twins, the van was the only option. Not to mention much more practical financially, space wise, gas wise....there were just too many pros to not buy the van. So thats what we got! I am actually really liking it and its so easy to pop the doors open from the front, let them hop in and buckle themselves. So that was my Monday!

Blakely got a little fever on Tuesday/Wednesday so we laid low on those days with the exception of swim lessons. We still do that every day rain or shine lol. She is actually doing really well and fingers crossed she may be done with lessons after next week. Only problem is I am going to have to get in and practice with her at our pool and it is still way to cold for my blood.

We also had a last minute mini picture session done with the girls that I am waiting to get the pictures  back. I am hoping to use them as their 2 year old and 5 year old Birthday pics. Can't believe we are 1 month from having a 2 year old. Such a big girl! 

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