Saturday, February 25, 2017


I am so sorry I forgot about my Friday post! We went out on the boat today and afterwards we dropped it at my Moms and she mentioned how I was too busy to do my blog post. I said Oh my gosh I completely forgot it was Friday yesterday lol. So here we are with an update on Saturday. Whoops!

It was a good week in the fertility world. Number 1 because I stopped taking birth control on Saturday and boy did I need to get off it. The last week it must have really been absorbing in my body or finally the amount stored in me was a lot, I'm not sure, but I was kookoobaloo! The kids were getting yelled at way too much (my patience level was 0). Dave couldn't do anything right, I wanted him to finish projects at the house, but I wanted him to hang out with us. I was just all over the place. Within a day of stopping it I felt much better! So yea for no more birth control!

Thursday I had my first blood draw and ultrasound to make sure my body was doing what it was supposed to...which is nothing. No cysts, good uterine lining, normal progesterone and estrogen levels so we are good to keep going! I had to bring Blakely to that appointment which was a treat, but I like bringing her so people in the waiting room can feel hopeful knowing it actually can work! She did surprisingly well since it took over an hour. Just kept wanting to touch the ultrasound machine LOL. Maybe next time I'll bring big sis to help corral her. We took 100 selfies to keep her busy looking at herself :)

This next week there is not much new. Keep on doing the Lupron shots and just add in an estrogen pill twice a day. I am so excited that this upcoming week is the beginning of March! So crazy how fast time is flying. When I scheduled this the first week of January March seemed so far away and now I feel like sheesh it is already here Let me get in my last few sips of wine, hardcore workouts, and all the deli meat subs I can. Haha Big Momma is definitely putting on some weight. I am not sure which meds are causing it but I am hungry all the time. I also have been getting bad headaches from the Lupron, but nothing unbearable. I'll do a stomach pic update next week so you can see the bruises starting to form as well as how quickly I am gaining weight. Until next Friday I hope you all have a good week. Xoxo

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