Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Memorial Day weekend was quite the fun filled weekend. We started Friday off with some swim lessons. Here is a little clip of her swimming on Friday.
After swim lessons, we headed to Adventure Landing water park for Delainey's first water park adventure with Dean. She absolutely loved it! The water was a little bit deep in the play area so I had to follow her around constantly making sure she didn't fall. We will definitely be going back in the near future.
Saturday, we went shopping at the outlet malls. Most of the stores were 50% off and we made out pretty good. Delainey had a blast hiding in the racks of clothes, which took me back to when I was a kid hiding in the clothes. Like mother like daughter.
She is turning into quite the daredevil these days! 
 Where's Delainey?!?!

Saturday evening, we went down to the Jazz fest in downtown Jacksonville with Mom & Dad. It was pretty crowded, but a lot of fun. Delainey watched the bands play and danced to the music, ate a shaved ice, and made friends with another little girl. 
Sunday, we went to church and lunch and then went to a pool party at my friend Amanda's house. Here's a picture of all the girls:
Today, we went out on the boat with Jeff and Kelli and Erica, then had a cookout at Dave's parents house. Delainey loved the boat of course.  Kelli got some cute pictures of D laying out on top of me. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swim lessons have begun!

Delainey started swim lessons this week. We signed her up for the ISR lessons and boy is it intense. The lessons aren't, it's all the paperwork I have to fill out daily that is a pain. I have to track her bowel movements, sleep, food she's a lot! Anyways Delainey did fantastic in her first lesson! The teacher, Michelle, warned me that they usually cry the first week and of course Delainey runs to her and hops right in the pool with not one single tear. She did okay the first day. The main problem was she kept trying to drink the water so after the lesson she said we will probable only teach her to float. I really want her to be able to swim, but I will work with her.These are some pictures from the first day.

 The next day of lessons was a world of difference. D didn't drink the water at all and was practically swimming. I couldn't believe how well she was doing at reaching for the stairs. We even got an occasional kick out of her! She is destined to be a little fishy in no time. Here's some pics of yesterdays lesson!

 In other news, we graduated to a big girl seat and we LOVE it! She loves staring out the window watching everything go by!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Slacker post

It's been a full week since I've posted which means I'm officially a slacker! I just am at a loss on what to write since our weeks have become pretty routine. This past week we spent a lot of time at the pool and the beach! We went to the pool on Tuesday, to my friend Alicia's beach condo on Friday, and to Aunt Emily's house at the beach on Saturday. There was a big festival called Dancing in the Streets so we laid out a little and then walked around listening to bands play and hanging with friends. 
Friday at the beach with friend Collins
 Saturday at Aunt Emmy's beach (the baby pool at the beach was a genius idea!)
In other news, our server at the Mexican restaurant we weekly frequent gave Delainey some Flan for her first birthday. We let her dive and boy did it get messy! 
Yesterday, we went to church and lunch and then had dinner at Dave's parents house. Here's her outfit of the day...

I finally got a picture of Delainey doing her all gone face. We ask her if it is all gone (is she done chewing) and she opens her mouth as big as she can to show you inside...It is hilarious!

Hopefully I'll be back with another post before next week! Have a good week!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week & Mother's Day Recap

We had a pretty eventful week this past week. We started off by heading to the Dr's office for our annual check up on Tuesday. All went well except Delainey had a fever the day before of 102.9 so she did not get her shots. I think she may be getting a tooth, because everything else was fine and the fever was gone the next day. So we will be heading back this week to get our shots :( After the doctor we had a movie day and I introduced Delainey to the Lady & the Tramp and Beauty & the Beast. I am stocking up on our Disney collection!!We were snuggled up on the floor watching TV...I loved it!
Wednesday, we had our last mom to mom until it starts up again in September. My group is going to still try to get together on Wednesday's and alternate houses to still do a little bible study. We will see how that goes with all our kids running around...I have a feeling we are going to need a babysitter for the kids :)
Thursday, I took Delainey & Dean to the zoo and they had a blast! They are at the age where they actually pay attention to the animals and are fascinated by them. They had so much fun in the splash park too! Here are some pictures I snapped of them.

Friday, Delainey, Terri & I went to the TPC. It was a beautiful day to watch golf and we had a great time hanging out in the shade and walking the course following Tiger Woods and some other big name golfers. Delainey behaved and stayed quite while they were hitting so that was a plus! After golf, we headed to the town center for a little shopping and happy hour apps at the Cheesecake factory. It was a lovely little day with the Queen and Grammy!
Saturday I headed down to TPC again with some of my friends, we had access to one of the tents so that was fantastic because it was so hot! One of my oldest friends was in town and we had a great time catching up!  
Today, I had a glorious mother's day. Even though Dave got called into 3 surgeries, he still made it special. I woke up to find a present that was a bike seat for Delainey. We headed to church and David was able to meet us there in between surgeries. After church we hit the town center for another gift, my first pair of lululemon pants! I am so excited about them!! Then we met Marcia & Emily at Nippers for lunch. After lunch we hit the beach and then walked around Atlantic Beach to get yogurt. It was a lovely relaxing day! 

I hope everyone had a great week & a fantastic Mother's Day. Happy mother's day to the best mother and grandmother in the world! You are always there to lend a hand or do my laundry :) or help in any way possible. Thank you for all you do for us! We love you Grammy!! 

12 Month Update

Height: 30 3/4 inches - 90%
Weight: 21 pounds - 50%
Head Circumference: 18.5 inches - 90%
Movement: You are a WALKER!! You started out a little slow, but now you are running around the house. Occasionally, a sniper will get you and you just fall down out of the blue, but you are pretty good on your feet! It is so nice having you walking especially around the house. You have pretty much mastered going up and down a step while standing up so that's great!
Eating Habits/New Foods: New foods this month have been: pickles (which you absolutely love sucking on), whole peas, mushrooms, chicken fajitas, chicken salad, vanilla wafers (a new favorite), lobster, yobe yogurt/ice cream, funfetti pancakes and your very own birthday cake!!
You are doing drinking 2 bottles a day; one 4 oz bottle in the morning and an 8 oz bottle before bed. I
 have transitioned the bottles to sippy cups and am starting to mix the formula with a little milk to get you used to the milk. Hopefully we will be off the formula soon! (Thank you Jesus!)
Sleeping Patterns: Still sleeping through the night...and doing a short 30 min morning nap and maybe a hour nap during the afternoon.
Sounds/Words: You said bye bye as well as dog this month. You are still loving the word no and walk around saying no no no to everything.  I think you are getting pretty close to saying the word more, but for now you are just loving your sign language. We added thank you to the list of signs we do. There is nothing cuter than you pointing at something and rubbing your chest to say please. It is so hard to say no though when you ask so nicely! :)
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You are walking!
-You celebrated your first birthday with birthday pancakes, time with family, and one heck of a birthday party
-You had your very own birthday cake that you got to eat all by yourself
-You grab the hairbrush and try to brush your own hair
-You are learning to throw balls
-You sit on your car and push yourself backwards.
New Friends I've made: You didn't meet anyone new, but you definitely had a great time playing with 9 of your friends at your birthday party. Actually you met Daddy's co-worker Mike's son, Sean. Everyone had so much fun playing in the empty baby pool and hanging out by the picnic. Your friends that were there are: Braelyn, Collins, Haigan, Camdyn, Joni, Wyatt, Declan, Dean, & Sean.
Places you went/Adventures: We have been frequenting the zoo a lot lately. We also have been going to the pool and beach and signed you up for swim lessons in June. You celebrated your birthday for an entire week and had a great time shopping and planning for the party.
Clothes: You are in 18 month sleepers. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-6-12 and some 12-18, Target- 12 months (The shirts are short), Carter-12 , Old Navy/Gap- 12-18
You are in a size 4 diaper.