Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swim lessons have begun!

Delainey started swim lessons this week. We signed her up for the ISR lessons and boy is it intense. The lessons aren't, it's all the paperwork I have to fill out daily that is a pain. I have to track her bowel movements, sleep, food she's a lot! Anyways Delainey did fantastic in her first lesson! The teacher, Michelle, warned me that they usually cry the first week and of course Delainey runs to her and hops right in the pool with not one single tear. She did okay the first day. The main problem was she kept trying to drink the water so after the lesson she said we will probable only teach her to float. I really want her to be able to swim, but I will work with her.These are some pictures from the first day.

 The next day of lessons was a world of difference. D didn't drink the water at all and was practically swimming. I couldn't believe how well she was doing at reaching for the stairs. We even got an occasional kick out of her! She is destined to be a little fishy in no time. Here's some pics of yesterdays lesson!

 In other news, we graduated to a big girl seat and we LOVE it! She loves staring out the window watching everything go by!!

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