Monday, February 23, 2015

Morgan's Wedding Weekend

We had our last hurrah without kids this past weekend and I'm sure it will be a long time before it happens again! We headed over to Seaside for Morgan's wedding with Dave, Emily, and Jess & Gregg. We had a great time celebrating Morgan and the wedding was gorgeous!
On Friday we headed to Morgan's dads rental house for a little rehearsal dinner. We were supposed to go to the beach for a bonfire, but it was very windy and cold so we adjusted plans. After dinner, we headed to a bar to listen to some live music and catch up with one of Dave's old friends from FSU who just happened to be in town too. Baby Blakely is getting BIG! Only 5 weeks to go! :)

Saturday, we all had lunch and drinks at the town center and then we left the boys at a bar to go see Morgan for a little bit while she was getting ready. Andy got her a gorgeous diamond ring for her wedding present.
We headed back to our condo to shower and get dressed up and headed to the wedding. 

The ceremony was in the boathouse which was a rustic wooden barn-like structure with tons of candles! It was really pretty. The ceremony was really nice, the girls were included in it and they said their own vows which was a nice added touch!

Cocktail hour was outside by the pool, and my favorite detail of the whole night was the canoe raw bar. I think David and Gregg at over half of the canoe full of oysters, shrimp, and crab claws. They had a slideshow going to which was nice.

 Dinner was by far the best I've ever had at a wedding and the reception site was gorgeous with the draped linens and lights. I even got up and danced a little so it was a success all around.

Another one bites the dust! It's fun to think there really are only a few friends left to get married. We are back to the grind this week and just counting down the days till B arrives and doing all the last minute preparations for her! 35 days....woohoo!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day Week Recap

Thursday, Delainey celebrated Valentine's day at school...she sported her new valentine's outfit from Grammy, decorated valentines cookies, and exchanged valentines with her classmates. I was at school for the last 30 minutes to watch D do her animal song, play with her friends, and decorate cookies. 

That afternoon, Dave took Delainey and I out on a family date to bonefish. On the actual Valentine's day, we just made breakfast at the house, cleaned and had a nice relaxing day all hanging out together. Dave and I went out to happy hour and dinner with Emily and some friends while Delainey had a sleepover with Gammoe.

In other news we have been doing lots of last minute family of 3 activities. Last saturday we all went to the zoo and enjoyed the new sea lion show. Dave never gets to do the zoo with us so that was a nice treat!

 We also went to the beach on Sunday to enjoy some sunshine on a gorgeous day!

 We have had lots of picnics outside and just spending a lot of time playing lately.

 Another milestone this week was Delainey has officially moved up to the next class at My Gym. The age group is 3 1/4 to 4 years old. They let me move her up early to get her adjusted to the new format before Blakely comes. I usually do the class with her, but in this new level, I sit in the lobby the whole time and she has to do whatever the coaches say. She loved it! She loves older kids and did great following them around.

We have a busy week this week...supper club tonight, dinner on Thursday with my mom 2 mom group, and leaving on Friday to Seaside for Morgan's wedding.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

8 Month (32 Weeks) Bumpdate

How far along: 32 Weeks (33 now!) 
Gender: Girl! 
Total weight gain: 27 lbs...Packing on the pounds this past month, but they say from 30-40 weeks the baby gains half a pound a week so the mom should average a pound a week. I am just over gaining 5 lbs this month. Still on track to match the weight gain with Delainey which was 32 total lbs. 
Maternity Clothes:   I am hating pants, even maternity ones. I literally will walk around in my shirt and robe all day long while I am at home. The pants just cut into my belly and Blakely is so low that it is painful! Not really doing dresses, bc I don't need to scare everyone with my pale large legs. 
Sleep: Moved to getting up about twice a night even if I go to bed at midnight and pee right before bed. My bladder is just so small! Lately once I'm up I start to make lists in my mind of things to do before B comes so that doesn't help the sleeping situation. 
Miss Anything:  My tan toned body:) Well particularly my legs which have never been big, but definitely are large! We ventured to the beach this weekend and I can't wait to get back in a bathing suit and start tanning. I also have craved a glass of wine lately. I will have a sip or two here and there, but am not going to venture into a whole glass even though its supposed to be ok. What's 7 more weeks?!
Cravings: Still I am loving cookies, cheetos and pineapple orange juice lately. Those are the only 3 things that are out of the norm. 
Symptoms:  This lady is active, but she is running out of space. The big kicks and jabs have turned into just body parts pushing out of my stomach at weird angles. It slower movements but still a ton of movement. I am also having some numbness in my legs randomly when she pinches a nerve. I cannot lay on my back anymore either for lack of breath and too much pressure on my sciatic nerve. I am having braxton hicks this time around...especially when I don't drink enough water. 
Belly Button in or out: 100% out
Mood: Anxious, yet savoring the last few weeks. I'm getting so close, that I just want her out so we can meet her and start life as a family of 4. But at the same time, I am trying to do as much as possible with just me and Delainey and enjoy the little moments together like snuggling in bed at night. I know everything will be great once she is here, but you can't help but be  a little nervous about how Delainey is going to adjust and how I am going to spread my time evenly. I also want to enjoy the kicks and movement inside, because I seriously missed that once D was out. 
Best Moment this month:  Going to Beech mountain for our baby moon/8 yr anniversary/ last trip as a family of 3. We had such a good time together and it was very relaxing. We also had a family day at the zoo and have been spending lots of time doing fun things with D. 
Looking forward to: Going to my college roommates wedding in Seaside in 2 weeks. It will seriously be our last hoorah with no kids before B comes. We are going with Jess, Gregg, and Emily so it should be a good time. I am also looking forward to not having to go to the dr every other week. They are so quick and pointless. I would rather just go every week bc at least then it means I am within a month of meeting her and we can start checking to see my progress. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

1st Dentist appointment & a gymnast in the making

Last week, Delainey had her first dentist appointment of her life. We talked up the dentist big time about how much fun it is going to be and how proud he will be when you hold your mouth open. We even have been showing our cavities and what not to do to make the dentist happy lol. The office was so cute and fun for a 2 year old she just loved it. She laid back put on her sunglasses and watched Disney Junior on a TV in the ceiling. The hygienist said they usually just count test at the first visit, but D did so good with that she asked her if she could brush them. Delainey said yes and liked it so much she asked to brush them again. What a champ. The dentist said everything looked great and he was shocked at how well a 2 year old was doing! What a gem!

The next day we had a playdate at a real competitive gymnastics facility for a toddler free play hour. It is 100% better than My gym and she loved all the equipment. Her favorite was the foam pit. She kept climbing the platform and jumping into the pit. She did the beam, bars, rings, and trampoline. She didn't love the toddler area bc it was too easy, but it was really cool that they had so many things to do for young ones. Once she turns 3 she is definitely going to need to be enrolled in a real gymnastics class, plus I won't have to do it with her which will be awesome with Baby B here!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beech Mountain Babymoon

The weeks are quickly passing by until we meet baby Blakely...We are down to only 7 weeks left!!! I can't believe she will be here in less than 2 months. Anyways every year since Delainey was born we have decided one of our family vacation/traditions would be to take a family trip to go skiing. Well due to the current circumstances, big momma was not doing any skiing this year. I still wanted D to see snow so our annual ski tradition turned into a weekend getaway to North Carolina for our last vacation as a family of 3/ baby moon/ 8 year wedding anniversary.

I started doing my research on places within driving distance that would be sure to have snow with other activities for 2 year olds to do besides skiing. Beech mountain is what I found. They had a fun little sledding hill for 12 year olds and under, an outdoor skating rink, and some decent skiing which I wasn't concerned with. I found a nice little 1 bedroom condo with a pull out sofa and loft on VRBO  and off we went this past weekend for our getaway.
This is the loft space D was obsessed with and the view off the back porch

We ended up leaving around 4 am to let D hopefully sleep some of the trip. She did pretty good! She ended up sleeping till around 7:30 am so that made the 8 hour trip much more bearable since it only seemed like 4. We arrived around 1 pm, got situated in our house, changed into our ski clothes and ran outside to play in the snow. It was a windy cold day but we had snow falling so I was not complaining. D loved making snow angels and practicing her sledding technique down the driveway.
We all took 2 hour naps that afternoon then headed to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the sledding hill. Of course no surprise with my fearless child, she loved sledding all by herself! Dave did one run with her and it was too slow so she chose to go solo after that. She loved it. She did have 2 wipe outs and sat up laughing after them so that was a good thing!

We headed to lunch at a hotdog joint then went to try out ice skating. Not as good there. It was hard for her to even walk on the ground with the ice skates so add in the slippery ice and it wasn't too successful. She had fun though hanging on the bar while Dave just pushed her around. (Big momma just observed and took pictures all day...I wasn't risking B coming out too early!)

After ice skating we headed back to the house to take naps and Dave couldn't help himself to not do a few runs on the slopes while we snoozed. What was supposed to be a 2 hour ski adventure turned into a 4-5 hr adventure because he got stuck on a broken ski lift for over 2 hours. Needless to say he was not happy and very cold! He came home, showered, and we headed out to a nice dinner in Banner Elk, just 5 miles away, at an Italian restaurant.

The next morning we packed up and headed home. We made stops about every 2 hours to pee or eat or run free for a few minutes and made it home in 8 hours. D watched movies the entire way like a champ. We had a lovely little weekend and I'm glad we were still able to get our snow fix even though we didn't do our usually Colorado trip. I will definitely go back in the future if it presents itself.