Monday, February 23, 2015

Morgan's Wedding Weekend

We had our last hurrah without kids this past weekend and I'm sure it will be a long time before it happens again! We headed over to Seaside for Morgan's wedding with Dave, Emily, and Jess & Gregg. We had a great time celebrating Morgan and the wedding was gorgeous!
On Friday we headed to Morgan's dads rental house for a little rehearsal dinner. We were supposed to go to the beach for a bonfire, but it was very windy and cold so we adjusted plans. After dinner, we headed to a bar to listen to some live music and catch up with one of Dave's old friends from FSU who just happened to be in town too. Baby Blakely is getting BIG! Only 5 weeks to go! :)

Saturday, we all had lunch and drinks at the town center and then we left the boys at a bar to go see Morgan for a little bit while she was getting ready. Andy got her a gorgeous diamond ring for her wedding present.
We headed back to our condo to shower and get dressed up and headed to the wedding. 

The ceremony was in the boathouse which was a rustic wooden barn-like structure with tons of candles! It was really pretty. The ceremony was really nice, the girls were included in it and they said their own vows which was a nice added touch!

Cocktail hour was outside by the pool, and my favorite detail of the whole night was the canoe raw bar. I think David and Gregg at over half of the canoe full of oysters, shrimp, and crab claws. They had a slideshow going to which was nice.

 Dinner was by far the best I've ever had at a wedding and the reception site was gorgeous with the draped linens and lights. I even got up and danced a little so it was a success all around.

Another one bites the dust! It's fun to think there really are only a few friends left to get married. We are back to the grind this week and just counting down the days till B arrives and doing all the last minute preparations for her! 35 days....woohoo!

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