Wednesday, March 4, 2015

9 Month (36 Weeks) Bumpdate

How far along: 36 Weeks 
Gender: Girl! 
Total weight gain: 30 lbs...Pretty excited about this. This means I should max out at 34-35 lbs which was my total goal weight. I think I will indulge these last few weeks on all the bad foods I shouldn't eat once baby is out! 
Maternity Clothes:   We have had a glimpse of warm weather and I have been loving it! I've been able to pull out some maxi dresses, which are much more comfortable. Most of my maternity shirts are getting a little short, but I will stick it out for a few more weeks. 
Sleep: Not well! It is like tossing around a 20 lb bag of sugar to just roll over. I am sore from the day by the time it is bed and my back and legs cramp pretty easily. Peeing 2-3 times a night and just not very comfortable anymore. 
Miss Anything: Normal clothes! I love spring/summer clothes and the hints of warm weather has got me dying to go buy some new bathing suits, tank tops, and shorts for the year. Who knows what size I will be so I am trying my best to hold out. I also miss breathing well without an inhaler, and being able to walk more than 10 feet without being winded. :)
Cravings: I have missed having salads these past few weeks, so I am getting back in the swing of them...of course they are covered in ranch still. I also am loving turkey wraps. At this point I am risking it in the deli meat department.  I think over the next month my last splurge meals will be: five guys or a whopper, McDonald's milkshake, chicken parm from Ale House to name a few:) Big Momma!!
Symptoms:  Nothing to wild and crazy, yet. Just the usual cramping, braxton hicks, and pushing out at weird angles. Anxiously waiting for some signs that labor will be in the future, but I don't think anything has changed or shifted yet. The won't do any cervical checks till 38 weeks so I should have more info then. 
Belly Button in or out: 100% out
Mood: Ready, Anxious, Nervous, Excited...such a range of emotions now that it is so close and truly could be any day now. We are down to 24 days. I would love some prayers just for comfort, a smooth delivery, and peace through it all. I know God is in control, but this go around has me a little more nervous since I have Delainey at home. I'm worried about once labor starts getting her to Gammoe and getting to the hospital in time. I just don't love the uncertainty of when or what day it will happen. That is one thing c-section patients have the advantage of! 
Best Moment this month: Going to Morgan's wedding in Seaside. We had a great time celebrating one of my oldest friends and just eating out and doing adult things for the last time for several months! We also had a lot of fun celebrating Valentine's day with Delainey and spoiling her with gifts to show how much we love her. We have had lots of family date nights, and activities together lately that I have loved! I also have done some serious nesting and am fully ready for B. Bags are packed, carseat in car, Easter baskets stuffed...pretty much anything that needs to be done over the next month is complete! Woohoo for organization!:)
Looking forward to: Finally getting to meet Blakely! We never did the 4D towards the end like we did with Delainey so I have no idea what she is going to look like. I also can't wait to see Delainey meet her little sister. I have read lots about making it the smoothest possible transition so I am hoping to have Blakely out of the room when D comes to see me to get some personal time and make sure her mom is ok. Then bring B back into the room to meet her. Blakely has some lovely gifts for her big sister too! 

If things continue and I'm close to 40 weeks, I will most likely do another post with some last minute belly pics and feelings as things progress! Also how I am progressing once they start cervical checks. Who knows though when that girl could make her debut! Thanks in advance for all the prayers over the next few weeks! 

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