Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life Lately through the camera roll & St. Patrick's Day

The past 17 days of March have been pretty busy, so sorry for the lack of posts! Mom is in 100% nesting mode which has kept the chores piled up so no time for blogging. Poor David has completely re-lanscaped the front yard, pressure washed the patio, changed the oil in the cars, installed new bathroom faucets in our bathroom, to name a few chores :) I've organized every closet, under every sink, packed all our hospital bags, bought any last minute things I could need, got Easter baskets ready...I'm OCD so to me it's been fun! We've continued with our weekly routine of gym, school, Mom to mom and some shopping trips. 
We went to the mall and D got to see the Easter bunny and get some new Disney PJ's she is obsessed with. 
We sported our new leotard to gymnastics. She looks so old! 

We have been growing caterpillars and are patiently waiting for them to turn into butterflies. Every morning D runs out to see the progress of them.  

 We hit the 38 week mark and have been spending lots of time in the sun lately!
We celebrated Kent's birthday at Melissa's house and D had a blast playing with some new friends Hudson and Emma. 
 We have read lots of books about St. Patrick's Day and leprechauns and made a leprechaun trap yesterday to catch Liam in.

 And today we woke up and ran to see if we caught Liam. He is so sneaky he got away! But he did leave a scavenger hunt for D. She found all the clues which led her to a special surprise of new disney dive sticks and some candy! Better luck next year D! We even ate cereal for breakfast with the milk Liam dyed green! How mischievous!

And Delainey is currently at the zoo with Gammoe! Like I said we have been busy! Happy St. Patty's day everyone and Happy birthday to Aunt Melissa! Also to my favorite niece Georgia, I can't believe she turns 1 tomorrow!!

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