Saturday, February 7, 2015

1st Dentist appointment & a gymnast in the making

Last week, Delainey had her first dentist appointment of her life. We talked up the dentist big time about how much fun it is going to be and how proud he will be when you hold your mouth open. We even have been showing our cavities and what not to do to make the dentist happy lol. The office was so cute and fun for a 2 year old she just loved it. She laid back put on her sunglasses and watched Disney Junior on a TV in the ceiling. The hygienist said they usually just count test at the first visit, but D did so good with that she asked her if she could brush them. Delainey said yes and liked it so much she asked to brush them again. What a champ. The dentist said everything looked great and he was shocked at how well a 2 year old was doing! What a gem!

The next day we had a playdate at a real competitive gymnastics facility for a toddler free play hour. It is 100% better than My gym and she loved all the equipment. Her favorite was the foam pit. She kept climbing the platform and jumping into the pit. She did the beam, bars, rings, and trampoline. She didn't love the toddler area bc it was too easy, but it was really cool that they had so many things to do for young ones. Once she turns 3 she is definitely going to need to be enrolled in a real gymnastics class, plus I won't have to do it with her which will be awesome with Baby B here!!

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