Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week & Mother's Day Recap

We had a pretty eventful week this past week. We started off by heading to the Dr's office for our annual check up on Tuesday. All went well except Delainey had a fever the day before of 102.9 so she did not get her shots. I think she may be getting a tooth, because everything else was fine and the fever was gone the next day. So we will be heading back this week to get our shots :( After the doctor we had a movie day and I introduced Delainey to the Lady & the Tramp and Beauty & the Beast. I am stocking up on our Disney collection!!We were snuggled up on the floor watching TV...I loved it!
Wednesday, we had our last mom to mom until it starts up again in September. My group is going to still try to get together on Wednesday's and alternate houses to still do a little bible study. We will see how that goes with all our kids running around...I have a feeling we are going to need a babysitter for the kids :)
Thursday, I took Delainey & Dean to the zoo and they had a blast! They are at the age where they actually pay attention to the animals and are fascinated by them. They had so much fun in the splash park too! Here are some pictures I snapped of them.

Friday, Delainey, Terri & I went to the TPC. It was a beautiful day to watch golf and we had a great time hanging out in the shade and walking the course following Tiger Woods and some other big name golfers. Delainey behaved and stayed quite while they were hitting so that was a plus! After golf, we headed to the town center for a little shopping and happy hour apps at the Cheesecake factory. It was a lovely little day with the Queen and Grammy!
Saturday I headed down to TPC again with some of my friends, we had access to one of the tents so that was fantastic because it was so hot! One of my oldest friends was in town and we had a great time catching up!  
Today, I had a glorious mother's day. Even though Dave got called into 3 surgeries, he still made it special. I woke up to find a present that was a bike seat for Delainey. We headed to church and David was able to meet us there in between surgeries. After church we hit the town center for another gift, my first pair of lululemon pants! I am so excited about them!! Then we met Marcia & Emily at Nippers for lunch. After lunch we hit the beach and then walked around Atlantic Beach to get yogurt. It was a lovely relaxing day! 

I hope everyone had a great week & a fantastic Mother's Day. Happy mother's day to the best mother and grandmother in the world! You are always there to lend a hand or do my laundry :) or help in any way possible. Thank you for all you do for us! We love you Grammy!! 

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