Tuesday, June 7, 2016

From Rags to Riches

Haha please forgive my title of this post, but I thought it was fitting since my first picture is us eating on a floor in an empty house and the last picture is us at a gorgeous 5 bedroom house on Lake Oconee. 
We said one last farewell to our house on Sweetbrier Branch as a family with a little pizza picnic on the floor. Dave went and said bye to every room and reminised about all the good memories we made here. It was sad :(  Closing is this Friday so hopefully all will go smoothly and we will be home free for a few months. 

 Just thought I'd include a little glimpse into one of our storage units, so you have an idea at all the junk we have and had to move. The other one is full of furniture and looks much neater. I promise.
 Saturday, we drove up to Lake Oconee about an hour outside of Atlanta for a week long family trip. My girlies did so great on the 5 hour car ride. Gems I tell you. It is quite the madhouse with all 6 cousins running around. We really cherish the hours past 8 pm so we can enjoy some peach and quiet. LOL The house is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to a day on the boat and some tubing. We are also going to be making a trip in to Atlanta for the Georgia Aquarium. Here's just a little snippet of life here.

 Our cousins Sam & Gillie came over for the evening to see everyone since they live so close.

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