Friday, June 10, 2016


It has officially begun!! My 2 months of fun in hopes for a baby has commenced and the birth control started on Sunday. The timing of it all has actually worked out in my favor. We have been on vacation all week so I haven't noticed too much hormonally as far as mood swings go since I've been so busy. It's crazy that a pill the size of a pencil eraser can effect you so much.  I do have less patience with the girls, but that could also be due to 6 little maniacs running around the house like wild banshees. We are headed home tomorrow so we will see if its the hormones or just the lack of sleep and peace and quiet that has made me a little more irritable. I have noticed some hot flashes, but that is nothing new and will be a common thing over the next 2 months. There could be worse things. Really I only have 2 weeks left of birth control so hopefully this time will be much better than last time since I am aware of the moodiness and trying stop it before I take it out on poor Dave.

I also have my trial transfer on Monday to make sure my uterus looks good and everything is a go! They put a dye in that is viewed by X-rays to check your tubes and uterus to make sure their are no cysts or issues that could prevent you from getting pregnant. Prayers that everything looks good on Monday would be appreciated. Other than that we are full steam ahead! It's crazy it's already go time. I'm ordering my meds this week and shots should commence on Father's Day. I'll let you all know how my trial transfer goes next Friday and in the mean time, please pray my hormones are not out of whack and I don't kill my husband or kids. LOL No but seriously ;)

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