Thursday, June 16, 2016


I am happy to report I had a good week and everyone is alive and accounted for. Haha! No but seriously I did have a pretty good week as far as fertility goes. I had my trial transfer on Monday and everything looks good. He just squeezes in some dye and looks at an ultrasound to watch the dye move through. Dr. Brown even commented that "I have a great uterus for twins." LOL  I did have to wait for over an hour for him to come in, which drives me nutso. I swear I could go in there and run that office so much more efficiently. It's a good thing he is such an awesome Dr. or I may go somewhere else just for some promptness. Here was a pic of me waiting and waiting in the room.

As far as birth control goes, it hasn't been too bad. There is definitely some internal battles I have had with myself since I am trying not to be crazy. One conversation went like, "David better take Delainey out on a date this weekend. He hasn't seen her in forever." "Just relax Jamie and let them do whatever they want together." "No I have this great church lock in that will be so much fun for D." "Ya D will love it, but what about David. Would you want to go hang out with a bunch of strangers." ....... something like that haha! I will have you know my kinder side gave in and they are going to dinner in a movie instead of me making him take her to a lock in. Another side effect has been crying. If I see or hear something loving or sad, I  have to hold back the tears. The most noticeable side effect has been the hot flashes. I woke up dripping wet last night and had to change shirts. It's worst at night.

I received my shots in the mail and we are good to go starting Sunday. One shot a day for 27 days. This one is actually not the bad one from what I hear. I will take a before and after pic just so you can see how bruised and swollen my belly gets. I hope everyone has a good weekend and celebrates all the father's in their lives!! I know I am blessed with a fantastic Father, Husband, and Father-in-law!

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