Monday, August 4, 2014

Keys Trip 2014 Part 1

We are home from vacation and settling back into our normal routines. I am going to separate a recap of the trip in 2 or 3 posts so it is not too much of a picture overload. With that being said, here we go….

We headed south last Sunday for a leisurely ride down to the Keys. We didn't have much of a schedule except to pick up Ralph from the Ft. Lauderdale airport at 7. So off we headed, D did awesome in the car, she read some books, colored, and watched Beauty & the beast. We stopped in Jupiter area to try out a place called Playmobil fun park. I just typed into yelp an "indoor play place" and that was one we found. I was fine with Chuck E Cheese or anything that allowed her to run wild.   This place ended up being very cool. It was only $1 a person and had all the toys you could possibly want to play with. Here are some pics from Playmobil.

 After playing for an hour, we continued south towards Ft. Lauderdale for dinner. We ended up eating at a bar that is owned by one of David's old co-workers from Potbellys in Tallahassee. Of course as soon as we walk in, we see several old college friends. D wasn't too sure about them, but it was nice for them to meet her.
After dinner, we picked Ralph up at the airport and made it to Uncle Gary's house by 9 pm. Everyone was anxiously waiting our arrival. The people who were there this week were Gary (Cap), Steph, Melissa & Kent, Ashley & Keith, Megan, Colby, Ralph, Mom, Myself & Delainey. Quite the full house and plenty to keep Delainey busy!
Monday and Tuesday we went out on the boat for majority of the day scouting for lobstering spots. Every time the boat would stop Delainey wanted to jump in the ocean and swim. She absolutely loved being on the boat. She was such a champ! She took a good nap on either me or Grammy each day and just continued on with her merry way. When we got home we would swim in the pool for remainder of the afternoon.

Tuesday night, we went out to dinner at the Pilot house to prepare for the hard days work ahead. I had a delicious scallop dinner. We were off to bed early since we had a 4 am wake up to head out for opening morning of lobster mini season. 

 I will be back with another post on how we did lobstering!

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