Thursday, August 7, 2014

Keys Trip 2014 Part 2

Wednesday early morning marked the beginning of lobster mini season. In order to get to our spot where the most lobster are according to what we scouted the day before, we had to wake up so early to beat everyone else! We woke D around 4:15 and were out on the water by 4:30. She is the happiest chid ever in the morning. She jumped out of bed and said we are going on the boat! She counted the stars on the ride out, sang songs about the moon, and watched Frozen on the iPad while we waited for the sun to come up.  
As soon as it was dawn, Cap, Steph, & Ralph were in the water pulling up lobsters and throwing them into the boat. Delainey wasn't very amused by the lobsters. We ended up getting our limit of 30 lobsters for our boat by 8:19. This year was definitely harder to find them then usual.

We headed back to the house around 10 am for a nap and some time by the pool. Later that night we enjoyed my favorite meal of the year. Lobster legs, lobster tails, and aglio e olio. I literally sat at the table for over an hour picking the meat out of the legs.

D was exhausted by the end of the night and needed some quiet time to herself haha

Here are some pictures when we got home with all of our lobster. Between the 2 boats we ended up with 66 the first day and 48 the second day. Lobster for dinner all year long!

The pic below is a picture of me and D in 2013 vs. 2014. She looks so much thinner and older. 
Thursday was another day of lobstering, pool time, and another delicious dinner. D and I were dropped off around noon so she good catch up on her sleep. She slept for almost 3 hours!
I'll be back with a post of our last day and the ride back!

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