Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July & Birthday to Pops!

We had a lovely long weekend celebrating America's independence as well as my Dad's 57th birthday! Friday, we dropped off D at Grammy's for an adults day out on the boat. David & I headed out, with Melissa & Kent, Emily, Erica, Amanda, & Brett. We headed to Ft. George island sandbar and met up with 3 other boats full of people. We had a lovely day just floating in the water, playing some corn hole, and drinking. After the boat, we headed home to have dinner and do fireworks with Delainey. Of course like her pyro father, she was obsessed with them. Thanks to pinterest for this lovely idea to protect your hand from the sparks when doing sparklers. The mama bear instinct kicked in with the fireworks. They definitely scare me that D could get hurt so we mostly did smoke bombs haha.
Saturday, we ran some errands and then went out to Jessica & Gregg's house for a cookout. We brought a slip n' slide to keep D occupied. She didn't really get the concept on sliding on her belly, but she loved running through it! Gregg smoked some delicious BBQ and then we headed home for bedtime.
 Today we celebrated my Dad's 57th birthday even though his real birthday was yesterday. We went to church then cooked out at the house. Kelli got him a volleyball net for the pool so everyone had so much fun getting a little competitive across the volleyball net. My parents' pool was built specifically for volleyball… both ends are shallow, but we never have seemed to play. It was a lot of fun so I'm hoping the pool vball games continue! After pool fun and naps, we headed to see Gammoe & Dodaddy who just came back in town. They brought with them Delainey's cousin, Collier and D has found a new best friend! (and I have a new babysitter for the week! :) She dragged Collier everywhere she went and had a blast playing with her. She is obsessed with older kids who will pay her any attention!
Overall it was a great week spent with lots of fun and family time. Back to the birthday... I would like to state that I have the best Dad in the entire world and I wish he would not get any older so he could be around forever! D loves to play with him and he is always there for us when we need him! I hope he had a great birthday! On another note, it was my Bumpa's birthday on July 4th (my grandpa who died about 10 years ago) I miss him so much, and know he would be obsessed with Delainey! I feel like I have a piece of him still around because my Dad is slowly turning into him so that is the next best thing to him actually being here! Happy birthday Dad and Bumpa! We love you dearly!

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