Monday, December 2, 2013

Delainey's 1st trip to Disney!

Yesterday, David & I took Delainey to Disney World for her 1st time. I have been wanting to take her for months, but I wasn't allowed to go without David. So I conveniently picked a date 2 months ago and yesterday it finally happened! We chose to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. The usual hours are 7 pm - Midnight, but they let you in 4 pm. Of course we were there ready to go by 4:15 with Delainey dressed in her Mickey santa shirt. She was so excited when we walked in and she saw all the cool lights and buildings. We all had to wear wristbands for the party, even D.

We started the day off by meeting Mickey mouse. The line was about 45 minutes, which Delainey was not a fan of, but it is so worth the wait. Mickey mouse talked and interacted with her unlike the other characters around the park.  She was hesitant and a little scared at first, but soon she was grabbing Mickey's ears and having a good time with him.

Waiting in line...haha

Next we headed to look at the castle and take some pics in front of it
Then we headed to our first ride, It's a small world. Delainey loved the boat, looking at all the characters moving around, and the music. Today she was looking at pictures saying "boat." The lines were great once 7 pm hit and all the normal patrons left. We never waited more than 20 minutes for any ride. 

Notice the monkey on her back...that's a leash and it was a godsend since it was dark and we have a wild woman on our hands. 

We continued with the rides and did The little mermaid, Peter pan, Winnie the pooh, (I did space mountain), Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, and Storytime with Belle. We also stopped along the way to look at some of the characters, and eat some free cookies and hot chocolate.

After we hit up all the rides, we headed over to Frontier land to eat a turkey leg and stake out a spot for the parade. Delainey was a star of the parade! Almost every character came by and said hi to D. Cinderella even blew Delainey a kiss and she blew one back. I think the parade was her favorite part of the entire night.

It was 11 pm once the parade was over, and Delainey and I were ready to hit up a few more rides, but David insisted we head home since he had to work today. We changed D into her PJs and then headed home. It was 11:45 when Delainey finally fell asleep...what a champ!!
 We had a blast and I can't wait to go back soon with Miss D! It was definitely worth the wait!!

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