Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty busy week and weekend. Wednesday we celebrated Dodaddy's birthday. 
Friday & Saturday, we helped move Melissa & Kent into their new house and Terri & I also set up for my friend's bridal shower I am hosting this Saturday. We celebrated the move being complete with pizza and champs.
Sunday we did a day trip down to Seaworld with Grammy. I tested out the new monkey "leash" on Delainey and she actually didn't mind it. I felt kind of bad dragging her around, but at a place with so many people I think it's the only safe way to let her run. 
Delainey is definitely at an age where she is in awe of everything. She also is at the age where she is starting to get scared of things which is so funny to me. This time she was not a fan of the dolphins, at least when they were somewhat close to her. The dolphin was doing a stunt where it was half out of the water and she freaked out and held on real tight. I think she is just too smart and realizes things can hurt her these days.

D was finally big enough to play in the huge jungle gym. I followed her around since it was so big! She also did a pretty scary ride with Grammy and liked it so that is good! I see rollercoasters in our future :)
Our last stop for the day was in Antarctica to see the penguins. It is a very cool ride and you literally could touch the penguins they are so close. It is VERY cold though! We didn't have a jacket for D so I put her inside of my shirt. It was so funny! And then of course as we are walking out she peed on me. Haha at least we were on our way to the car! 

Hopefully we can visit Seaworld 1 more time before the end of the year and my pass expires.

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