Monday, February 25, 2013

42 Weeks & Weekend Recap

Baby D hit 42 weeks and not too much has changed this week. She did sleep till 9:45 on Saturday so that was a highlight of the week! :) She is definitely becoming a toddler. She's learning that whining and crying gets her things. So we are working on teaching her to use her signs to show what she wants, not cry. We are also working on sharing. Lately she has been taking everything from Dean so that has been fun.
This past weekend we headed to the beach to play. Delainey loved crawling around and playing in the sand. I think David had as much fun as D did playing in the sand and building sand castles.
Then later that night we had our couples' supper club. This month we went out to eat since it was the end of the rotation. We will start going to people's houses again next month. Nothing too exciting going on this week. Just the usual babysitting and tutoring. I can't believe it's almost March. Time to buckle down on party planning since it's only 2 months away! Hope everyone has a good week.

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