Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Off we go to Disney!

Tomorrow we are headed south to Orlando for some Christmas magic at Disney! Last year we took D to disney for the 1st time. It happened to be Mickey's very merry christmas party and she loved it. We are off to experience the christmas party again this Friday. It is 100% a McLaughlin family tradition! Here are some pics from last year...what a little baby she was!

According to the weather app, we will be experiencing some pretty chilly weather so the large jackets will be busted out. Also this year, I'll be chauffeured around in a wheel chair since I'm not supposed to walk that much. I still think it will be great. Kel, Jeff, & Georgia are coming, and so are Grammy & Pops so we will have plenty of hands to corral wild woman Delainey. 

We are headed down tomorrow bc Dave has a conference down there where he needs to take a Dr out to dinner! I was ecstatic to hear that because we finagled a night at the Gaylord Palms and get to do the ICE experience there. It is 9 degrees inside which is so cold, but I think Delainey will love looking at all the sculptures made of ice especially the slides she can ride on. Here are some pics of the Gaylord Palms

We will be back on Saturday and I'm hoping to do a live nativity that night if we aren't too exhausted. I'll be back to post on Sunday with I'm sure a million pictures! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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