Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Disney Christmas trip 2014

*Beware: picture overload!*
This past weekend, as I previously stated, we headed down to Orlando for our annual Disney Christmas trip. This year it included  some family members and it was so much fun!
We headed down late Thursday night to stay at the Gaylord Palms and enjoy a nice dinner out as a family. Delainey was the most well behaved I have ever seen (I talked up dinner as a privilege for her to go on a date with mommy and daddy). The hotel was gorgeous especially at night with all the chirstmas lights hanging in the atrium.

Friday morning we headed to the ICE exhibit at the hotel (which is the main reason I wanted to stay there). Basically it is an entire exhibit carved completely out of colored ice. It was a freezing 9 degrees inside. They gave us parkas to keep warm, but luckily I read some reviews online about how cold it was so I dressed Delainey in her entire ski attire and brought some hats and gloves for Dave & I. It was cool to see and of course Delainey loved the ice slides. She probably rode them 20 times so it made the experience worth it!

 After ICE we headed to another hotel for naps and then went to Mickey's very merry christmas party with Grammy & Pops and Kelli, Jeff & Georgie. Delainey of course loved and it and Georgia was amazed at all that was going on too. It was the best Christmas parade I have ever seen there. The floats gave off different scents which was so cool. Pops pushed me around in a wheelchair since I wasn't supposed to walk long distances with the Placenta Previa. It was actually pretty nice being chauffeured around! It was a cold night, but we dressed appropriately and it made it seem more like Christmas with the cold weather! It was a great night!

 We hung out with our friends Alicia and Collins while we were there which was fun for the girls! They had matching shirts:)

 Georgia even woke up to watch the fireworks and parade. She was a gem, didn't cry one single time!
Saturday morning we headed to breakfast and headed home. That evening we went to a live nativity in Ponte Vedra that we do every year with Gammoe & Dodaddy. It was very crowded, but neat as usual to touch the animals and feel like we are really in bethlehem. 

We had a fantastic weekend! I love all the festivities for Christmas!! Tony, Brandi & the boys get in town on Thursday so we are really excited to finally meet them! I hope everyone has a great week!

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