Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6 month (24 weeks) Bumpdate

How far along: 24 Weeks (25 now!)
Gender: Girl! 
Total weight gain: 16 lbs...Feeling pretty good in the weight department. My face is definitely gaining most of the weight! Maybe at some point I can walk or exercise a little, bc my legs are getting soft, but thats the least of my worries :) 
Maternity Clothes:   All maternity clothes these days with the exception of a normal sweater here or there with a long tank under. Being pregnant during winter is the best! You can hide your growing pale body :) I'm loving accessorizing with scarfs and shoes these days. 
Sleep: Doing good. I have started using my wedge pillow for my belly which really seems to help. Lilly hates it though, because now there is no where for her to borrow under the covers. Delainey hasn't been sleeping great so I have had a lot of nights sleeping in her bed for a few hours. Not needing my naps as much though during the day. 
Miss Anything:  Not really! I love weeks have all your energy back and aren't too uncomfortable yet.  I occasionally miss a fun Christmas cocktail, but thats about it! 
Cravings: mainly junk food! My pantry is stocked with junk. I'm loving some cookies, fruit snacks, cereal, and hot chocolates filled with marshmallows! 
Symptoms: Feeling pretty good. Still having some random spotting incidents which is kind of a good thing to remind me to take it easy. I had a routine check up at 23 weeks and her heartbeat is in the 140s and everything looks good. Next visit I have my glucose test so hopefully I pass that! My breathing has gotten worse. I use my inhaler a lot now, but I looked back in my journal when I was pregnant with Delainey and it was around now that it got hard to breathe since she is starting to push against my diaphragm so nothing new.  
Belly Button in or out: It's out! Kelli thinks it is the craziest thing how far it sticks out! haha
Mood: Excited we are moving right along and looking forward to the 3rd trimester. I've been worried about hemmoraging and having to deliver her before she was ready. Only 3 more weeks and the survival rate is 98% so just counting down the days! I also am thinking positively and think my placenta will be moved at my 27 week ultrasound so we will see!! 
Best Moment this month:  Celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoying all the pre-Christmas festivities. I am loving spending some quality time with D before we become a family of 4! 
Looking forward to: Christmas morning with D and in 2 weeks being only 3 months away from my due date! This pregnancy is flying by!! 

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